Dyed-in-the wool Sitecore Evangelists

Sitecore with DMS and ECM are critical to the success of your digital strategy. This flexible and powerful marketing platform needs a unique approach and significant experience to get you over the line. 

Kagool is a top Sitecore Gold Partner with more mid-tier and enterprise customers on Sitecore than any other in the UK. We have over 120 projects under our belt.

All our methods are tailored to make sure you are thriving with this platform. We can also accelerate your ROI using techniques unique to Kagool.

If you work with the great team at Kagool you can then be sure that Sitecore will be able to adapt to new challenges, be extended, improved and managed without time consuming reworking – because Kagool 'get' Sitecore.

After 16 years delivering digital solutions as Fusionworkshop - we now do it as Kagool.