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About Kagool

We're a UK digital agency. We get the best from the Sitecore platform for our global customers

Kagool team

The Kagool story

  • The early years

    In terms of the current world of digital - we didn't have a clue! But who did in 1999 - pre Google, no mobile, tablets eh! We were working with small and not-so small, mostly regional, organisations. Doing ok, growing in fits and starts. Often a bit hand to mouth.

    We were a technical agency in character. Predominantly dealing with the IT dept - most projects had some integration and content management challenges. In our early years the marketers tended to look elsewhere - after all - we were a bunch of geeks and we didn't 'do Flash'!

    We quickly became a Macromedia Platinum Partner, and won some great work on the back of this. Given our Information Systems backgrounds we were ahead of the game in terms of content management.

    Our strategy was to make a crust, avoid working for a corporation, and being in control of our own future. Our only differentiator was we were better than most from a technical and Project Management standpoint.

    We were a close knit team, liked to have some fun, but took our customers’ needs very seriously.

  • An unexpected event

    Our Finance Controller had entered us in the Deloitte Fast Growth 50. And we came 3rd! We got a trophy to cover a crack in the wall, danced a bit and drank a lot!

    The award was noticed by some bigwigs and we found ourselves in a government innovation and economic development scheme. The juicy part of this was substantial funding for a full business and market diagnostic. Think ‘very nice BMW’ sort of money. We selected two national business/marketing consultancies and worked with them over 18 months to position ourselves as a national business delivering mid and upper mid-tier digital solutions.

    They also pointed out, in quite blunt terms, that we knew very little about running a business - apparently a common characteristic of digital agencies. The senior team spent the next three years building up proper management and marketing knowledge and skills via an organisation called Vistage and the Institute of Directors.

  • People and Processes

    We'd reinvented ourselves, understood our sweet spot in terms of scale and character of project. We identified a number of Critical Success Factors that would help us increase profile and win more customers of the type we were best suited to working with. 

    We improved staff skills and accreditation, worked hard to tune our approach, turning down work that didn't fit us well. Difficult but it meant we started to have a better idea of who we really were and more importantly what we weren't - and we were finding it easier to win work. We'd learned a lot from the diagnostic especially what good marketing specifically good market strategy for the digital age actually looked like. Still a bunch of geeks but a new breed of geek?

    Our approach to discovery, design, project and delivery management was mature and a differentiator.

    We were still working on different technology platforms and a couple of Web Content Management System vendors.

    Investors In People was awarded, then Microsoft Gold Partner, our QMS was ISO9001 certified.

  • So much for planning!

    We were attending a large Gartner event. We’d made arrangements to meet people from EpiServer with a view to including it as part of our portfolio of platforms. Later at the event we bumped into some of the senior team from Sitecore. We got on like a house on fire. We loved their partner-centric approach and the ambitions around marketing automation. It seemed like this platform could become a game changer.

    Following a formal demo and some tech due diligence, we signed terms.

    From a geek perspective Sitecore struck us as an elegant platform and leveraged the .Net architecture very well. We soon discovered our approach and processes were a perfect fit for Sitecore.

    We put the entire dev team through training and certification within a month. That was five years ago!

  • Crossroads

    Sitecore was the platform we preferred. It wasn't right for all our customers, but it was popular and its market share was growing fast. It stretched us and our processes - Sitecore projects were not smooth sailing.

    The big decision - continue to generalise or go for it and specialise?

    If we were going to specialise in Sitecore then we knew we'd have to invest or simply be “yet another Sitecore partner” - and there were lots of them. We needed to stand out! We needed to be better!

  • “Shut-up, Spock! We're rescuing you!”

    It wasn't going to be unanimous - one argument was that being exclusively Sitecore was risky. A trusted advisor was very anti based on his experience in another digital agency - he favoured a platform agnostic stance.

    It was stressful and there was a lot of tension as important people in, and connected to, the business could only see risk not the opportunity.

    Account managers felt we would lose some customers (and we did), some developers favoured other platforms (a few ultimately left).

    Sales wanted the fall-back of Umbraco - "turning down opportunities? What if a prospective customer couldn't afford Sitecore?" 

    About this time Ben Morgan had joined us as Business Development Director. He'd been known to Chris Short for many years. Ben knew the Sitecore world inside out and recognised the opportunity in specialising in this platform.

    So we made the decision to be 100% Sitecore.

  • “Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore”

    Things started to happen fast, some great new wins, Sitecore's profile was rising rapidly as was ours.

    We found ourselves rising further up the Sitecore partner channel. We immersed ourselves in the platform and started tailoring our approach further. Sitecore was a genuine strategic platform for us and we used the term - "Sitecore in Everything We Do" to help focus business change.

    Over this period we found ourselves talking to digitally savvy C-level marketers. These were the ones driving the projects now. IT types would still be involved but in a diligence capacity.

  • Tired of change so let’s do it again!

    Over the past four years we've expanded the Senior Leadership Team/Board and have "the best people in the right seats on the bus". 

    We’ve changed in character if not in culture. Sitecore has been a catalyst for this change.

    We now have seasoned digital marketers, information architects, UX specialists, agile practitioners, great designers, systems architects, search marketers and, as ever, developers! The developers are as important as ever but making Sitecore sing needs the full team.

    So as Fusionworkshop is coming of age we felt it was time to rebrand. To reflect our character and the culture we’ve always had.

    We’ve worked with London brand agency, Heavenly, and following months of soul searching, market research, customer interviews, dead ends and red herrings we feel very happy to be Kagool.

  • Life as Kagool

    As Kagool we’re growing our offices in Manchester, Cardiff and London, and as ever embarking on another programme of change.

    The team has grown and is amongst the largest and most capable in the Sitecore partner channel. We now have six Sitecore Most Values Professionals (MVPs) - more than any other UK agency.

    We have more customers on Sitecore than any UK partner and attained Sitecore Platinum Partner status after reaching the requirements around capability, credentials and capacity.

    We've been a Sitecore partner for eight years. The last 5 years have been the best in the 18 years since we started trading.

Kagool Offices

We're a team of 60 plus digital specialists that find smart answers to your digital tribulations. We have growing offices in Cardiff, Manchester and London. 

This allows us to recruit and retain the best talent and provide the exceptional service we are proud of.  Our whole focus is about getting the best from the Sitecore Experience Platform and related solutions. We don’t make promises we can’t keep. We ask the right questions and give you straight answers.

We make sure we understand your business and show how we how we can make a difference. We enjoy what we do and we think it shows.


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