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Why you should choose us as your Sitecore partner



We're problem solvers. We enjoy it. It's in our DNA.

We'll use Sitecore to help solve the challenges you face and deliver measurable organisational change for your digital business.

How we solve challenges with Sitecore


We'll share our knowledge and expertise with you.

Whether it's technical know-how, tips or the latest digital marketing news you can count on us to help you get the best from Sitecore.

How we support you on your Sitecore journey


We're more than an digital agency for your project.

We're your digital partner. Whatever the challenges by working together in partnership we can achieve so much more.

How we partner to get the best Sitecore results


We're winners. Our results back up the way we work.

We're proud of our achievements and we would love your project to be our next successful, award winning one.

How we make your project win with Sitecore

Worried your Sitecore site is not performing?

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‘Kagool simply ‘get’ Sitecore - what it’s capable of, what brands need to do to get the best from Sitecore in terms of marketing alignment and internal processes – and how to implement Sitecore to give brands a secure foundation to capitalise on Sitecore’s potential for the years ahead. 

As a Sitecore Solution partner with a long list of happy clients, they understand what’s required from both a marketing and technology perspective to help brands own the experience.’

Simon Etherington Managing Director Sitecore UK

Looking to select your Sitecore partner?

Here are 6 reasons to choose us?

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    We're one of the UK's leading Sitecore partners.

    There are lots of Sitecore partners (150+ in the UK alone). 

    We're the largest agency in the UK that works exclusively in Sitecore. We've delivered over 200 Sitecore projects. Our relationships with key Sitecore people goes back over 10 years. Our experience and client base positions us as one of the few Sitecore Platinum Partners in the UK.

    Sitecore regularly ask us to help customers who are in need of a new partner when they've lost their way.

    We're bursting with design and technical skills. We're exceptionally rare in the partner channel as we're the only UK agency to have six Sitecore Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs) - people recognised as Sitecore experts.

    We've won seven times at the last four Sitecore Experience Awards. That's why we've written a white paper on 9 lessons to learn to guarantee Sitecore success.

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    We've the team to build you a great site

    We've a wide range of experts who work with you to make sure your project's a success. These include specialists in Design Services (Content strategy, UX and visual design). Programme Management, Quality Assurance and Testing. They're all experienced and trained in Sitecore.

    Our approach is based on years of experience and over 200 Sitecore projects. This means you work with the best people at the right stage of your project.

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    Sitecore can perform wonders if you get the basics right

    We work to Sitecore's best practice guidelines and we've worked with all Sitecore's features. Whether it's using the Email Campaign Manager, advanced personalisation or integrating with other digital solutions like CRM, ERP platforms or E-commerce, we've done it and achieved great results for our customers.

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    Your budget goes further with us

    Our Sitecore accelerator framework, Foundations, lets us get a working site up and running quickly for you. This has already been tested and saves time and budget on the initial phase of your project. The bulk of your budget can be spent on adding the creative design, specific features and integration that you need to make your project a success.

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    We provide an end to end Sitecore service 

    There are lots of products and services related to Sitecore that can really add value. We've integrated with a variety of CRM and ERP solutions. We'll work with you to extend the power of your Sitecore Experience Platform or integrate with your legacy solutions. Get in touch to find out more about Sitecore integration?  

    We also offer dedicated Sitecore hosting and a number of guaranteed Sitecore support options including 24x7.

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    We'd like to work on your project but we'd love to build a long term relationship

    We've got long standing relationships with many of our customers. Most of these started with us working on a single project and grew from there.

    However our relationship develops we won't tie you in with proprietary code. We pride ourselves in following best practice guidelines for everything we build in Sitecore. If you do decide to move to another Partner, you'll have confidence that your site's in good condition.

    For more, why not read some of our Customer Case Studies