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Solving your business challenges with Sitecore

We'll build you the right solution.

What makes us Sitecore Solvers?

EPiServer, Ektron, Umbraco and Drupal all have their place but in our opinion, for ambitious marketers, Sitecore is the best platform on the market. Our single platform focus has been the catalyst for us to become the Sitecore experts that we are today. 

We're proud of our ability to deliver successful Sitecore projects. We've delivered more than 120 of them. Our team understand Sitecore. They're certified, but also project hardened and have been working with Sitecore for over six years. 

We'll focus on the outcome of your project and make sure that your site meets your business objectives. If something's not going to work we're not afraid to tell you. This may mean challenging your original plan and reworking it. 

Rest assured we’re a team that push Sitecore’s technology to the limits. So how else will this benefit you?

Kagool simply ‘get’ Sitecore - what it’s capable of, what brands need to do to get the best from Sitecore in terms of marketing alignment and internal processes – and how to implement Sitecore to give brands a secure foundation to capitalise on Sitecore’s potential for the years ahead.

Simon Etherington Managing Director Sitecore UK

We'll find the right way to solve technical problems using Sitecore

We're Sitecore fanatics, we know it inside out.

Luckily we haven't seen it all. We thrive on new challenges. We love using our Sitecore knowledge and experience to overcome very specific business problems.

Innovation is ingrained in our culture. But don't just take our word for it. We've solved many difficult problems for our customers through innovative Sitecore solutions.

A recent example is a Sitecore microsites tool we built for Welsh Water. This lets their content editors create Sitecore microsites with one click, all without any technical know how. It won the Sitecore Digital Innovation Award for 2014.

We doubled up at the Sitecore Experience Awards with the offline Sitecore tool we designed for The World Customs Organisation which won Best Use of Multi-channel 

Their members are located globally, often in remote areas with little or no online access. They needed a solution, built in Sitecore, that members could download and use offline. Our tool was successful and hugely popular with their membership.

We can use Sitecore to affect a real step change in your business

Digital has moved far beyond just a channel to sell to your customers

Most projects start with our discovery process. Here we'll ask you questions and challenge your ideas. This lets our design services team come up with the right approach for your project.

We've some great examples of where we've made a difference to our customers and affected real change.

British Gypsum, wanted to offer a rich online experience to their users. This would make a real difference to their business and help position them ahead of their competitors. By designing a smart set of Sitecore applications and resources we've set them well on the way to achieving real business transformation.

IOSH, a long time customer of ours, were keen to move from their legacy CMS to a new fully featured platform. They wanted to offer their members an even better online experience. We re-platformed them to Sitecore and cleverly integrated some of their third party solutions. This has revolutionised the way that they can engage with their members. This project won Best Business and Professional Services Site at the 2013 Sitecore Site of the Year awards.

We'll help you cut through the complexity of Sitecore

Customer Experience Platforms like Sitecore continue to evolve.

With our Sitecore experience we can cut through the complexity of Sitecore. Commercial content management systems have changed greatly over the last few years. They've evolved into fully formed customer experience platforms and Sitecore has led the way. They've added many advanced marketing features including marketing automation, marketing personalisation, Sitecore SEO and Sitecore Analytics.  

This offers great possibilities for businesses and their marketers. You can get closer to your customers than ever.

But it’s not easy - The technology is complex. To benefit, you need a solid Sitecore implementation that follows Sitecore best practice. This way new functionality can be added relatively easier without the need for a site rebuild.

That's where our Sitecore experience comes in! Whatever the situation, we'll provide you with the right combination of usability, value and return on investment.

We'll use Sitecore to make you more digitally mature

It's no longer enough to just redesign your site every few years.

Your customers are tuned in digitally and they expect the same from you. Numerous recent studies have shown that businesses which embrace digital are significantly out performing less digitally-mature competitors.

It’s a good idea to measure your digital maturity. A great resource is Sitecore's digital maturity model. You can measure where you fit on the scale, from attract to advocate, by taking a quick test. You can measure where you fit on the scale, from attract to advocate, by taking a quick test.

No matter where you rate, we can build you a Sitecore website to help you better engage with your audience and increase your digital maturity.

We build digital solutions in line with your business challenges

We'd love to chat about the challenges that you're facing. We'll find the best Sitecore solution for you.

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