Kagool the Sitecore experts: how we support our customers
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Our committment is to support you

You've invested in Sitecore and we'll help you get the most from it

We're here to guide you on your digital journey...

We'll challenge, inform, advise and support you all the way, as you look to get the most from your investment in Sitecore.

We're proud of the knowledge, experience and expertise we've gathered over many years. Our credentials are impressive and we're still adding to them. Our team understand Sitecore. They're certified, but also project hardened and our methods are proven to work.

We don't hoard information, we're open and honest. We love sharing knowledge with you. We'll support and communicate with you in many ways. These include personal contact from our account managers, innovation workshops, regular newsletters, our site and social channels.

Our relationship with Sitecore

Our 100% focus on Sitecore benefits you

We've been working with Sitecore for a long time, some of our relationships with their key people go back 10 years. As a well respected partner we get access to Sitecore’s roadmap, with opportunities to really influence it.

You might have questions around operational issues such as Sitecore hosting, licensing, security, compliance, setup or Sitecore features. Or day to day issues with the content editor, testing, Sitecore Analytics or Sitecore SEO. Either way we'll support you. And if you have a question we can't answer, we'll just ask Sitecore directly.

Finally, with over a century of combined Sitecore experience our staff live and breathe Sitecore. We also practice what we preach. We use Sitecore for our site. That means we're using the same interfaces, Sitecore personalisation tools and email marketing platform that you use. We can guide you on how best to use Sitecore for your business.

Our Marketing Insight

We'll give you interesting, relevant content  

You're probably overloaded with marketing news, insight and advice. Most is irrelevant, incorrect or not suitable for you. We don't want to add to this. We believe the insight we produce needs to have substance, significance and be relevant, reliable and complete. We only cover two themes: Sitecore and Digital Marketing.

We know Sitecore's a fantastic tool for Marketers. Some of it's personalisation and MVT capabilities are market leading. For more check out our recent white paper on 10 tips for using Sitecore’s MVT tools without compromising SEO.

Our Sitecore relationship means we're always ahead of the curve with the latest news and features. Why not visit our News & Insight section to see some examples. As well as the content on our site we also produce regular newsletters and are active through our social channels.

'Tech Lab'

We'll always support you with technical insight

In your business, you've technical people who want to learn more about Sitecore. We want to support them.

Our News and Insight section has a series of technical articles under the filter 'Tech Lab'.

Whilst most articles are about getting the best from Sitecore, it also has articles about UX and design (all with a definite Sitecore slant).  So whether you’re a developer or someone looking for more Sitecore knowledge, you should certainly check out our 'Tech Lab'.

Sitecore organise regular Technical User Groups across the UK. We're always in attendance (often presenting). We can introduce you to Sitecore technical staff, help you get familiar with the Sitecore lingo, and raise issues on your behalf. 

In summary, our fantastic technical team (including our Sitecore MVPs) will show you lots of amazing ways to use Sitecore. 

Awards - We want to help you win them

It's always nice to get a bit of extra recognition

We want to help you win awards for the site we've built for you. Successfully delivering a digital project for your business is something worth celebrating. The recognition that winning an award brings will help both justify the initial investment and make it easier for you to push through further projects. It'll also make you look good with other stakeholders.

If you want to enter a project we've been involved with for any awards, you'll find us right behind you helping with submission material. This could be specific to your industry, or for one of the annual Sitecore Experience Awards.

We've won plenty of awards for our customers and would love you to be next.

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