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Artex Sitecore SEO case study

Artex Sitecore SEO case study

07 March 2018 | News and Insights

How Kagool helped Artex secure top Google rankings to increase organic traffic

Kagool’s SEO work drove a positive digital ROI for Artex with:

  • A 205% increase in organic traffic
  • A 9,864% increase in organic search visibility
  • Increased domain authority
  • 663 Facebook email sign-ups
  • A 753% increase in traffic to Artex’s targeted help and advice pages    

‘Our website wasn’t performing optimally for SEO. Without a clear content strategy, we weren’t targeting specific areas or audiences. Once Kagool were on-board, they worked proactively with us to pinpoint key areas to focus on, which audiences to target and more specifically, which keywords to use. The great thing about Kagool is their results-driven approach to Sitecore SEO, we had a goal to work towards and we reached it: more organic traffic to the website. On top of this, Kagool’s transparent approach to reporting meant that communication has been excellent.’

Richard Guest, Ecommerce Manager  

Building digital awareness and creating presence for the Artex brand

One of Artex’s key business objectives is increasing brand awareness within their industry and with their target audience. To help achieve this we created and implemented an SEO and content marketing strategy aimed at:

  • Building the brand’s online reputation and visibility
  • Driving increased organic traffic to the website
  • Increasing engagement with customers
  • Putting in place tracking so that Artex could measure the value of traffic and report this back to the business to gain additional buy-in from management

Creating content for Artex’s target audience

Artex’s target audience are tradesmen, home improvement retailers and merchants. While they don’t sell products online their website does provide key product information and details of key merchants and stockists.

We researched Artex’s target audience to understand their motivations, online search habits and pain points. Plus, we benchmarked several major competitor’s SEO performance.

We found three popular areas that customers were using Artex products for:

  • General building projects
  • Fixing or repairing
  • Home improvement projects

And key actions to focus on:

  • Producing great quality content that is highly relevant to Artex’s target audience and their search habits
  • Amplifying content on social media channels – particularly Facebook and Twitter
  • Increasing the number of authoritative links to the Artex website
  • Making the Artex site search engine friendly

To achieve these, we created a ‘Help and Advice’ section for the Artex website, with content classified under ‘Build it’, ‘Fix it’, or ‘Improve it’. This made it easier to generate targeted, engaging content, optimised for key search terms. It also improved the user experience for website visitors navigating the site.

We produced a content plan, based around relevant keywords with high search volumes. And worked with Artex to map these keywords, either to existing website content that could be optimised for organic search, or to identify where new pages were needed. Optimising Artex’s current content provided the opportunity for some quick wins.

We created a content calendar to ensure content topics were always relevant and timely. Content was amplified via Artex’s social media channels to drive further traffic and raise brand awareness.

Technical optimisation and advanced tracking allowed for data-driven decisions

Solid technical optimisation is vital for a successful SEO campaign. As a Sitecore Platinum Partner we used our expertise to implement key, SEO-led, technical changes to Artex’s website.

Core HTML elements were optimised to achieve best performance for organic ranking positions and on-page engagement. Correct semantic mark-up meant search engines could quickly understand pages and easily index them, resulting in higher Google rankings.

Tracking was expanded to provide more detailed reporting data that has been turned into valuable, actionable insights. This included implementing and continually expanding Google Tag Manager tracking.

We continue to expand the number of high search volume keywords in Artex’s content plan. This way, we can ensure that high-value organic traffic comes to the site. And with continuous technical SEO audits and link building, we’ll make sure that this increase in traffic leads to increased conversion and engagement for Artex.

A return on digital investment: a traffic increase of 205% for Artex

Through careful planning and accurate tracking, we could deliver a data-driven content strategy that produced results. With the website now ranking in the top 5 positions for numerus search terms in Google UK, organic traffic is up 205% year-on-year. More specifically, traffic to the targeted help and advice pages is up 753% year-on-year.

Almost 10,000% more visibility and other positive results we drove

Besides, ranking and organic increase, which formed the backbone of the campaign, we also increased the following metrics:

  • Organic visibility: 9,864.37% increase
  • Increased domain authority
  • Facebook email sign-ups: 663 sign-ups

Our content strategy, combined with open communication and frequent updates, has allowed us to develop a strong client/agency relationship with 100% visibility.

We’re expanding the number of high-volume search terms we target to bring in additional high-quality traffic.

With an almost 10,000% increase in search visibility, Artex are much better placed as a brand in the digital space.

‘Our ongoing relationship with Kagool builds every day, we’re kept up-to-date on our strategy, and we’ve even gone on to utilise other areas of their DigiOps team projects, such as Social Media.’

Richard Guest, Ecommerce Manager

How Kagool can help you with Sitecore search marketing

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