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Christmas Statistics | The 12 stats of Christmas

Christmas Statistics | The 12 stats of Christmas

04 December 2018 | News and Insights

12 Christmas statistics to improve your festive digital marketing performance

Christmas decorations are being pulled out of storage, lights are going up and people are debating which brand has the best Christmas TV ad over a mulled wine (or two).

We love this time of year, so we’ve pulled together the best digital marketing statistics to share with you each week in the run up to Christmas.

1. Since 2014, UK shoppers have made more internet searches for Christmas than anywhere else in the world. Searches in the UK are 66% higher than in the US and 12% higher than the closest rival Ireland.  This is a great opportunity for brands to capitalise on the high volumes of online traffic with some tactical SEO marketing.

2. 1 in 4 online purchases are made on mobile devices. That figure is expected to rise for 2018. A mobile optimised website isn’t just for Christmas, it can help increase revenue all year round.

3. Online searches for cocktails peak on Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve with searches over the two days 144% higher than the rest of the year. Budding beverage copywriters, get your content at the ready to get that top spot in Google’s search results pages.

4. Instagram has 1 billion users and 86% of top global brands have accounts. Social media and influencer marketing is on the rise for B2C and B2C. It’s time for organisations to start considering social media in their digital marketing strategy.

5. 68% of people shop online at Christmas because they can do so from the comfort of their own home, in comparison to only 44% in April. PPC is a great way for brands to get in front of their target audiences quickly and be conveniently on page one of Google. Christmas tip – paid advertising competition rises during the Christmas season, so campaigns should be adjusted to protect budgets.

6. 34% more shopping searches are made on Christmas Day than on Black Friday. Marketers will need to ensure they don’t finish their campaigns too early or risk missing out on the Boxing Day traffic.

7. 50% of UK users are likely to tweet about their Christmas purchasesSocial media is a great channel for your advocates. Brands need to make sure they are ready to respond to social media quickly or have a chatbot set up to answer FAQs.

8. An independent video has 49,517 more shares on Facebook than this year’s John Lewis Christmas advert. A videographer spent £50 filming his own Christmas video that’s gone viral. Gaining more shares than John Lewis’ ad with Elton John. We’re expecting to see more video content from organisations in 2019.

9. 80% of Christmas shoppers are influenced by the internet before making a purchase. Search engines are the most influential for conversions, followed by paid adverting coming in second.

10. Nearly 66% of online purchases made on Christmas Day were carried out using a smartphone in 2017. Organisations that have websites that load quickly and are fully optimised for mobile will likely see the benefits this year.

11. On Christmas day in the UK 6.8 million smartphones will be activated with 98% of them being iOS or Android. Running thorough website testing is paramount for brands to reach their audiences on whatever device they’re using.

12. Over 6.6million people are estimated to own a voice assistant device in the UK. This is expected to jump to 8 million by the end of the year. As Amazon Echo and Google Home devices sore in popularity and an estimated top choice of present this year, organisations have a huge opportunity to reach people through IoT projects.

If all you want for Christmas is for your digital strategy for 2019 to be in order then get in touch today, we’d love to hear from you.

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