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Digital Trends 2019

Digital Trends 2019

04 October 2018 | News and Insights

Sharpen your digital strategy with our forecast for digital trends 2019

As another year comes towards its end and organisations start to reflect on the choices they made for 2018’s digital strategy, new digital trends for 2019 are already on the horizon. We have pulled together our predictions across multiple disciplines, including development, design and search marketing.

Organisations that are hungry to take the next step in their digital journey should consider the emerging techniques and technologies that could be implemented in next year’s strategy.

Digital trends 2019 – What our pros predict

Director – Craig Johnson

There’s a few things on my radar for digital trends 2019. I’m interested in:

  • How visual search will evolve commerce, following partnerships such as Snapchat and Amazon.
  • How VR will stagnate in 2019. The tech community have had such a desire to force this on the market without any real demand. Whilst there are some sectors like healthcare that might be able to adopt VR, as an entertainment vehicle, it won’t work. This is down to the lack of compatibility, the cost and the customer apathy associated with it. I anticipate that it will perhaps lead the way for third generation VR, which will be manufactured at a lower cost which could then change the future success of VR.

Head of search – Georgina Rayner

From an SEO and PPC perspective I expect to see:

  • Continued growth in voice search. This is beginning to get real momentum now and soon I expect it to become standard to include voice search in digital strategy. The overall prediction in the industry is that voice search will soon make up nearly half of all searches in UK, as well as greater adoption of virtual assistants into everyday life. For digital marketers this will impact the way we optimise for search.
  • Secondly, I’m keen to see what will happen next in the expansion of blockchain technology and what this could mean for search marketing.

Senior Designer – Jon Bellamy

What I’m expecting from digital trends 2019 is:

  • A growing popularity in asymmetrical design. Creatives have started to rebel against the constraints of responsive design already. I think that website design that considers this approach as part of the layout could bring some innovate ways of presenting content. The risk here, with anything ‘new’ is that it becomes standard and loses its originality.
  • New tools for colourful experiences. We’re starting to see more designers explore how colour can be used to deliver and enhance customer experiences. I’m excited to see how new tools like Khroma are going to influence this moving forward.

Head of development – Darren Webb

There’s a lot of new technologies emerging to be excited about, but I’m particularly keen to see:

  • How artificial intelligence is going to start to play a leading role in strategy. How it will be integrated to deliver benefits to customers, staff and individuals. This subject is actually massive, but specifically how chatbots can be used to solve business challenges.


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