The Importance of Sitecore Setup
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Why a correct Sitecore setup is so important

If your Sitecore partner gets this wrong, you will struggle

Not sure what this is?

Put simply, you shouldn't have to worry about this. Unfortunately we've see in the industry too many fundamental mistakes being made during this vital configuration step of Sitecore website creation.  

We know our stuff, our knowledge has been built over 100 years of collective Sitecore experience within Kagool.  We specifically take time to understand your business before we start the set up.  

Who better to explain the importance of Sitecore Setup than Martin one of MVPs (the elite of Developers in the Sitecore world) and Neal one of our Development Team Leads.

At Kagool, we know tech but we talk human. This is no exception. This straight forward video will explain how we ensure we build to Sitecore best practice and with the future in mind.

You can have real confidence in what we do.

If you don't have the same confidence in your existing partner agency, perhaps it time talk to us.

Video transcript text

Hi, I’m Martin Davies.  I'm a consultant developer at Kagool and I’m a Sitecore MVP.

Sitecore is a large framework so it means that it needs some configuration when you first buy it.  If you don't configure Sitecore correctly in the beginning, then long term you're in for a headache.  We quite often sites that have been built incorrectly and customers aren't able to use a lot of the functionality that Sitecore offers.

Hi, my name's Neil Killen, I'm a development team lead here at Kagool.  We pride ourselves on building Sitecore implementations according to Sitecore's best practice and you may ask yourself why does that matter.  The simple reason being is if you don't follow Sitecore's recommended practice then you can fall into a trap of making features that come out of the box with Sitecore don't actually work, you can't use them and you think well, they may not necessarily be a requirement at the time, but you don't how the client's business is going to change and how it's going to adapt so you need to make sure, as you're build an implementation, that you build it with those things in mind.

(Martin) One of the common things we see is Sitecore being built by companies that have a history in other technologies, so they don't necessarily understand how Sitecore should be built.  All the great features that come with Sitecore mean that you have to build it in a certain way and if you don't appreciate that at the very beginning, then often you can't use them at all. 

(Neil) We also try to educate the customers what Sitecore does provide for them and what it offers because we find that a lot of them just think it's a nice content management system and a nice way for getting content onto the website and they're not really sure of everything that Sitecore has to offer. 

(Martin) With our experience, we really understand Sitecore so when we start a project, we know how to move it forward so that it will end successfully.  We've got years of experience with Sitecore and we've got robust processes in place to make sure that our Sitecore projects run well, so I think customers can have real confidence in who we are and what we do.


Martin Davies

Consultant Developer & Sitecore MVP

Martin has won awards for innovation and pushing the boundaries of Sitecore. Though modest, he's also a Sitecore MVP (Most Valuable Professional), one of a small global elite.

Martin's been messing about with computers since he was seven, and feels genuinely lucky that his hobby is also his job.

When not coding, he enjoys playing guitar (badly), cooking (equally badly), and dislikes writing personal profiles.