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Sitecore MVP awards for Kagool’s Martin Davies and Mike Robbins

Sitecore MVP awards for Kagool’s Martin Davies and Mike Robbins

Kagool one of only two agencies in the UK with two Sitecore MVPs

We’re absolutely delighted that Sitecore have announced that Kagool’s Martin Davies and Mike Robbins have been named Technology Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs).

This is big news as Martin and Mike were two of only 141 people in the world to be given this status out of more than 26,000 developers in Sitecore’s global network. It’s a massive achievement for both of them.

The Sitecore MVP Awards recognise the best, most active Sitecore experts from around the world who participate in online and offline communities to share their knowledge with other Sitecore partners and customers.

Martin and Mike were naturally thrilled with the news

Martin said:

“I’m truly honoured to receive this MVP award from Sitecore. It’s been an exciting year with Sitecore releasing versions 7.5 and 8 and it’s great to be recognised for actively contributing to the growing Sitecore developer community”

While Mike added:

“I’m delighted that Sitecore has chosen me as a Sitecore MVP. The last year has been fantastic, with Sitecore releasing several versions with updated features and a whole new look interface. I’m excited to see what’s next as I love experimenting with Sitecore, blogging and presenting at usergroups”

Lars Fløe Nielsen, Co-Founder of Sitecore said:

“We are grateful for the leadership, expertise and ongoing contributions that Martin and Mike have made to the Sitecore community, Martin and Mike have demonstrated mastery of our technology and exemplifies the spirit of Sitecore.”

These two MVP awards demonstrate the expertise within the Kagool family and come off the back of two wins for Kagool at the 2014 Sitecore Experience Awards in December. You can follow Martin Davies on Twitter @TwentyGotoTen and Mike Robbins @Sobek1985.

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