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New Isover website re-launched on Sitecore

New Isover website re-launched on Sitecore

Isover website re-launched on Sitecore 6.5

Fusionworkshop has been working with Isover, part of the Saint-Gobain Group, to consolidate four separate websites.

The four sites have been merged and is now live and running on Sitecore 6.5. As a global brand, Isover had to adhere to strict brand guidelines and complex stakeholder requirements. We’ve been able to manage these requirements, deliver the project in an agile way and ensure the new site incorporated all of the existing functionality of the previous sites.

The new Isover website now boasts a user-friendly product selection mechanism. A unique aspect of the product selector is that it makes use of the object based data structure of Sitecore, products are now managed globally. This allows for improved product management with single data entry and user governance in place.

Isover develop sustainable insulation solutions across New Build, Renovation and Industrial sectors. The Isover website showcases the range of insulating solutions offered. Isover also take their environmental responsibility very seriously and place it at the heart of their business strategy.

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