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Paid social marketing | Why it matters for your business

Paid social marketing | Why it matters for your business

09 May 2019 | News and Insights

Learn how paid social marketing can boost your business.

Paid social marketing is digital marketing that you should consider. Perhaps you’re tired of seeing competitors boost sponsored posts above your own, maybe you’d like to do more with creative visual advertising, or perhaps you want to use paid social marketing to find out what works best for your business online with A/B testing.

Whichever way you want to use paid social marketing, and whatever you want out of your strategy, we’ve got five reasons why it matters. Find out what you should be doing with paid social media and why.

Get instant results

First of all, many organisations make the move to paid social marketing when they see the instant results that it can deliver. Unlike a longer term strategy, such as search engine optimisation, which utilises carefully-crafted actions now for results later down the line, paid social marketing has an instant effect.

By paying a premium on an advertisement for social media, you’re being pushed forward above the organic competition, targeting an audience that doesn’t have to be following your brand or doesn’t have to have liked your page, they simply view your content because it has been placed in front of them.

Merge paid social marketing with your existing organic strategy

Paid social marketing also works well because it can be used in conjunction with a longer term organic strategy. We advise a multifaceted approach using the highly-effective combination of both paid and organic social, alongside search marketing.

By using the above method, you can complement the emerging elements of your organic social and SEO strategy using paid social media for better all-round results. It is this combined approach that has created success for our customers, and one that covers all basis and can be constantly tweaked.

Get creative with Facebook advertising

You might have recently been served an advertisement that has left a lasting impact on you. On Facebook in particular.

Thanks to advancements in Facebook Creative Hub, you can now design a range of image-centred advertisements, such as carousels, animated slideshows and interactive Instant Experiences. These advertisement formats have the ability to feature, video, images, text copy and even sound.

It is this multimedia approach that will allow your brand to stand out in today’s complicated landscape of multimedia advertisements and assets.

React quickly to media trends and world events

 Because of the aforementioned instant effect of paid advertising, this puts organisations in a position of power when it comes to reacting to world events and current media trends. Want to be seen discussing a sporting event’s latest results? Paid media advertising can do that. Want to be front and centre for an on-trend topic? Invest in social advertising and you’re half-way there.

This type of social media marketing lends itself to a wide range of businesses who need to be present for current events, whether you’re a sports betting company or a news publication, you can’t rely on lesser mediums to be the one that your potential audience will see first.

Learn what works for your business with A/B testing

Finally, the level of control handed over with paid social advertising means that you’re in the pilot’s seat when dictating, creating and modifying campaigns. When you decide to pay for advertisement services, social media platforms willing handover some of the world’s largest and most reliable databases, letting you delve into audiences, modify segments and combine demographics to customise a strategy that works for your business. Take Facebook advertising for example, which allows users to set multiple ads and images per ad campaign, and auto-switches creatives out depending on which receives the most success. That’s automation working for you while you take your business into a new direction elsewhere.

Speak to an expert today about paid social marketing

At Kagool, we offer a full paid social marketing service, working across all major social media platforms, and offering bespoke services: all the way from creative concept and design, through to testing, strategy and implementation.

To transform your business today, speak to one of our experts.

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Paid social marketing | Why it matters for your business

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