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Marketing insight – Predictions for 2015

Marketing insight – Predictions for 2015

Kagool's Justin Rowe predicts what's in store for 2015

It’s time to look ahead to 2015. Here are my guesses on what the new year will bring.

  1. Due to technology advances “Big Data” finally becomes realistic for most organisations
  2. Marketers have to adapt UX principles in order to meet their organisations engagement ambitions
  3. More emphasis on website engagement rather than just traffic
  4. Content even more focused and purposeful with ROI not measured solely by quantity
  5. More marketing and communications teams taking real ownership of their businesses CMS
  6. CMO elevating themselves at board level
  7. Responsive, mobile first, content first are the reality not just buzzwords
  8. The testing and research based approach becomes the differentiator in the Sitecore partner channel
  9. Connection to the CRM becomes the norm in projects
  10. A greater digital maturity among existing Sitecore customers with a real enthusiasm to get the most from the Sitecore platform especially around customer experience and engagement

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