What is the value of a “customer for life?”

Sitecore 8 was an exciting upgrade to the Sitecore Experience Platform. It added many more marketing features and functionality to Sitecore like real time, automated testing and optimisation. It even included a brand new look and user interface. But what does this really mean to the marketer? 

Perhaps the biggest addition and major reason to consider Sitecore 8 is the single view that it can provide on each of your customers. It's the first single, fully connected customer experience platform that also integrates with your other customer platforms. All your data on a particular customer is stored in one place, the Experience Database, rather than across various databases. For a business this single view of each customer makes it easier to engage customers long after first purchase and sets you up to be better able to win customers for life.   

But don't just take our word for it. Download Sitecore's whitepaper to read more on how Sitecore 8 can benefit your business.