Sitecore 9

Why upgrade to Sitecore 9?

With Sitecore 9, personalisation and machine learning provide a great return on digital investment for your business

Sitecore 9 is here. It’s more powerful, more integrated and smarter.

Some of the new features for Sitecore 9 include: data centralisation, backwards compatibility and the simplifying of processes for marketers and non-Sitecore developers. With this in mind, it’s clear that Sitecore want to make the platform as easy-to-use, accessible and scalable as possible as it grows and develops further.

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Want some reasons why? Read on for all the benefits of Sitecore 9.

Sitecore 9


Capture more customer data with Sitecore 9’s new web forms

Web Forms for Marketers has helped hundreds of organisations’ marketing teams drive conversions. In Sitecore 9, a new forms feature replaced Web Forms for Marketers, simplifying and speeding up the process.

Featuring a drag-and-drop layout, the new forms function makes it extremely easy for marketers to quickly create, replicate and publish new web forms. All forms are reusable and reskinnable, meaning you’ll spend less time building forms and more time collecting valuable customer data.

Sitecore’s new forms feature also allows more complex multi-step forms, which can sit across more than one page. These can be used for:

  • Surveys
  • Questionnaires
  • Membership sign up forms

Marketing tip: Get more data from your audience using web forms, this data can form the basis of you next successful campaign.

The good news for Web Forms for Marketers loyalists - the existing feature isn’t going anywhere. WFFM will be fully supported in Sitecore 9, allowing you to upgrade and still keep your existing forms fully functional.


Cut project time by migrating content from legacy versions of Sitecore

Sitecore 9 offers easy migration of content from legacy versions of Sitecore. This allows you to move projects forward quicker and spend less time on repetitive tasks.

Sitecore 9

With your content migrated and taken care of, you can work smarter, not harder. You’ll have more time and budget to deliver business-specific value to your clients.

Is my legacy Sitecore version supported? Sitecore supports content migration from versions 6.6, 7.2, 7.5, and 8.0. Those using version 8.1 and 8.2 can simply upgrade to 9 in what Sitecore is calling their easiest upgrade process yet.


Save time and money with SXA

In our recent article on Sitecore Experience Accelerator, we highlighted how its circular processes involve developers, designers and content editors in projects from the very start.

With a focus on unified development and design, Sitecore SXA removes haphazard project changes and moving deadline dates, increasing productivity and keeping your production teams happy.

This feature will come into its own in Sitecore 9, changing the way projects are planned for the better.


Personalised experiences create outstanding customer experiences

When customers land on your site, you want them to feel as if the experience is tailored to their exact needs. This is called creating a complete customer experience, it’s a seamless ‘feel’ that runs through all digital and offline interactions between brands and audiences.

Sitecore 9

This is what builds trust and in turn, long-term customers that come back time after time. Find out more about how you can use customer experience strategy to produce a digital return on investment.


Unify and centralise data with xConnect

XConnect is a single, unified API that centralises data and supports the Internet of Things.

XConnect resulted from a bid to bring separate elements together and simplify the customer retention process. Now, previously self-contained, isolated data becomes a flexible tool to be used for insights and return on investment.

The tool’s most impressive feature is its ability to record customer interactions and communicate them back to the CRM. Marketers will want to take full-advantage of this feature in Sitecore 9.


Non-Sitecore developers can get started on Sitecore projects quickly

Thanks to some very smart features in Sitecore 9, front end developers now no longer have to be Sitecore experts to build in Sitecore. if this sounds strange, then we’ll explain why.

Using their new Sitecore JavaScript Services, Sitecore have integrated some JavaScript elements within their platform. This now allows developers with minimal previous Sitecore experience to work on Sitecore projects.


Reach more customers by taking content outside the box with Sitecore 9‘s Headless feature

With Sitecore’s new headless feature, you can create content within Sitecore, but publish it elsewhere.

Linking with apps, fitness devices and the Internet of Things, Sitecore 9 acts as a content creation tool for these external platforms. This is a great tool for amplifying content and getting it in front of more people. Marketers: time to get your content out there.

Sitecore 9


Create campaigns quicker with Omni-channel marketing automation

Centralisation, integration and unifying. You might have noticed these words being used a lot in Sitecore 9 conversation. Sitecore are simply making everything, well, simpler.

Marketing is no exception to this rule, and with Sitecore’s Omni-channel marketing, it brings together email marketing, web forms and CRM as part of a drive towards marketing automation.

Sitecore’s Marketing Automation visual campaign builder tool is key to this. The tool is simple to customise with its drag-and-drop functionality, meaning you can be working on generating leads through custom campaigns. The automation tool even comes with pre-equipped sample templates, right off the bat.

Know your customers inside-out, then sell effectively to them with Cortex machine learning

Sitecore’s machine learning feature, Cortex, is a big part of this process, and you can expect to hear it being talked about a lot in the coming months. With Sitecore Cortex, you can teach Sitecore to deliver better-targeted experiences for your audiences.

With new insights, you’ll soon be able to find new audiences to target, see what works and what doesn’t. Content can be tested and optimised on-the-fly to increase traffic, leads and, in turn, revenue.

Mastering this tool will take away extra hassle and cut down on time, delivering a more complete marketing experience across the board.


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Sitecore 9

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