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Introducing the Sitecore Experience Platform

Introducing the Sitecore Experience Platform

02 May 2014 | News and Insights

New real-time platform a potential game-changer

Update – Sitecore have now released Sitecore 7.5 with Sitecore 8 to follow next year.

Sitecore have announced the forthcoming launch of the Sitecore Experience Platform. Formerly known as CEP, it introduces the Sitecore Experience Database which collects customer experience data and connects it to each individual customer so you can personalise in real time. A single view of each customer is built up based on all available information so marketers can deliver the most relevant experience. The platform will be introduced with the release of 7.5 in July with Sitecore 8.0 to follow in early 2015.

As a Sitecore partner 100% aligned with the platform, this is welcome news. Every customer interaction will be tracked in the Sitecore Experience Database with the NoSQL MongoDB platform supporting high volumes of data at ‘blinding speed’. The Sitecore Experience Database connects with the Sitecore Experience Platform, providing a single source of lifetime customer intelligence. This fits very conveniently with our content first approach, designed to connect business objectives with user experience. There is a huge appetite among our customers to leverage the power of DMS. Discussing this announcement with our developers, it’s seen as a big step forward in gaining performance improvements for real-time personalisation out of the box.

The announcement also introduced the Sitecore Experience Profile with the Digital Marketing System (DMS) becoming Sitecore Experience Marketing offering:

  • Tracking of every interaction with every piece of content
  • Coverage across every device on and offline
  • Unique real-time personalised experiences

Initial industry reaction has been positive with Venturebeat  calling the development a ‘game-changer’. Sitecore has developed this technology without acquisition and believe that this makes it unique among enterprise vendors.

Michael Seifert, Sitecore’s founder and CEO, said in a statement.

“From day one, we have been building out the Sitecore Experience Platform so that every channel interaction, every bit of customer insight, every automation, works together so that marketers can drive a seamless real-time experience for customers. The Sitecore Experience Database removes any limits marketers and IT face when working with previously disconnected data.”

To use their strapline, to ‘own the experience’, marketers need to know every customer and need to use that knowledge to shape every brand experience in real-time. This is the long-promised 1-1 future of marketing and a holy grail for digital marketers to know everything about their customers worth knowing. Clearly the company are thinking about the wider market with this future. 

In the Venturebeat interview Guarnaccia describes the capability of being able to explore ‘experience profiles’ essentially following a customer’s path through their experience with your company — and ‘surf through the experience of the customer,’ including everything they’ve clicked on, filled out, and looked at. And then simply telling Sitecore to find more people who ‘look like this’ or have done the same sorts of things. The piece also indicated that Sitecore plan to bring this capability to both social media advertising, and then to the broader advertising world right after that.

The technology is expected to be available for release in July 2014 with Sitecore 7.5 and will be available on-premise or in the cloud through Microsoft Azure.

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