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12 top Sitecore features for today's Marketers

Sitecore Features that benefit you, the marketer

Sitecore is the marketing leading customer experience platform but which Sitecore features really matter to you, the marketer?

Here are 12 top Sitecore features that’ll really elevate your marketing and help give you a jump up on the competition.

1. Store all your customer data in one place

Introduced with Sitecore 7.5 the Sitecore Experience Database stores all the data you collect on customers in one place. Connect with your CRM or ERP to collect even richer data. Having this data in one place saves time and effort collating information from different databases. The benefit? This data can be used across all your channels to deliver unique experiences to individual customers. Businesses that give visitors a great experience online and offline will find it easier to both add new customers and keep existing ones

2. A single view of each individual customer

See the pages customers have visited on your site, their social mentions of your brand, the emails they’ve opened and what they’ve bought from you. Enhance this by setting engagement values for their independent actions. You can see exactly where individuals are in the customer journey. And how closely they match your ideal customer profiles. Your next communication can be laser targeted to make them an offer they can’t refuse

3. Real time analytics to query and report on all the data that you’ve collected

Use Sitecore Analytics to learn which campaigns are working and how visitors are navigating your site. Helps you create or edit your content accordingly

4. Manage your multiple communication channels from one place

Use the customer data you’ve stored in Sitecore xDB to deliver a connected experience across all your communication channels. Includes:

  • Web experience – Present a unique experience to each person that visits your site
  • Email experience – Email remains one of the Marketers best tools for engaging prospects and customers. Use Sitecore’s email campaign manager to send personal, relevant emails that will resonate with them. And stop spamming them
  • Mobile experience – Giving customers a great mobile experience is more important than ever. Thankfully Sitecore is extremely mobile friendly. You can easily optimise and personalise how you site appears on mobile    
  • App experience – Create and build apps for any device using Sitecore Mobile SDKs. They’ll connect with the customer data you’ve stored in Sitecore so can be personalised in real time
  • Social experience – Create branded communities with built-in tools for blogs, wikis, reviews and forums. And connect to popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to get to know your customers even better
  • Print experience – Use the customer data you’ve collected to create personalised print content. Integrates with Adobe InDesign for ease of use
  • Commerce experience – Whatever your business there are Sitecore ecommerce options to help you offer the best customer shopping experience. Location based and across multiple devices
  • Federated experience – Use Sitecore to personalise content and collect customer data from non-Sitecore sites. Very useful if you’ve recently moved to Sitecore and are still consolidating sites. Or if you’ve acquired a company or brand on a different platform

5. Marketing Automation

An easy to use drag and drop interface lets you rapidly set up automated marketing campaigns. Use Sitecore to automate the frequency and personalisation of your customer interactions over any channel at any time

6. Flexible A/B and M/V Testing

Test page components, site items or email content without involving the tech guys. No code, tagging or dev work needed. Sitecore makes it easy to work out which content’s performing, which needs tweaking and which is best binned. There are no limits to the number of tests you can run at the same time.  

7. Content Personalisation

Personalise the content a visitor sees in real-time based on their behaviour. On a deeper level use the data you’ve collected and stored in the Sitecore Experience database to personalise all of your online and offline messaging

8. Multi-site capability

From one Sitecore licence you can manage multiple domains and microsites. And also share content between them. A massive time and effort saver

9. Whichever countries you operate in you’re covered

Keep your content in any number of languages. Sitecore usefully offers easy integration with translation software providers like Lionbridge.

10. Easy integration with other software solutions

Sitecore loves third party software. A good Sitecore partner can help you connect other software you’ve invested in. Like a CRM, ERP or ecommerce platform. The customer data you collect can be fed into your Sitecore Experience Database  

11. A world class Content Management System (CMS)

Sitecore has some great CMS features. including:

  • Page editor – You can create or edit pages from here. It’s incredibly easy and intuitive to use. And it will save you time. There’s also a preview option. As you build the page you can see exactly how it will look like on your site. All without needing any coding knowledge
  • User management and Workflow – Set access for different users or groups. Content can be approved and published to a staging environment before it goes live. You can schedule when content goes live and for how long. Very useful for content or offers that have a set shelf life
  • Sitecore Webforms for Marketers – a powerful tool. Use it to create and publish simple forms within Sitecore. Such as contact us forms or asset downloads Great for lead generation particularly for B2B businesses

12. Object based architecture

You can share content across pages and sites. This makes Sitecore highly scalable and will save you considerable time organising and presenting content. Page content can be easily personalised

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