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Sitecore Helix

Sitecore Helix

15 December 2017 | News and Insights

Sitecore Helix – Why we apply Sitecore’s recommended development principles

Sitecore Helix is a set of development principles for building Sitecore sites. These rules ensure Sitecore implementations are strong, reliable and flexible enough to stand the test of time.

These principles are based on six tried and tested rules from the software world, but are designed specifically with Sitecore in mind. These rules can broadly be split into two groups:

  • Cohesion – Organising your system effectively to keep it flexible for future change
  • Coupling – Designing your system like a Lego set, with interchangeable parts

Why Sitecore Helix is important for partners and customers

The Helix principles are the standard by which modern Sitecore sites are judged. They help Sitecore partners build sites for customers that:

  • are high quality, with fewer development roadblocks. Plus, once the site is live, it should be easier for marketers to add content within a consistent site structure.
  • have fewer bugs, leading to a faster time to market and an improved experience for users.
  • can support a multi-development team approach, with a consistent, well-understood structure and logically grouped functionality. This is especially valuable for customers that use multiple partners or support an internal team with an external development partner.
  • better represent the customers’ business through a business centric approach. This makes the code used feel more familiar to the customer and reduces the potential for communication difficulties with developers.
  • are easier to change and extend, providing better long-term value for Sitecore customers. In the past, we’ve taken on customers with a Sitecore build that simply can’t add new features without significant rework. Their site needs to be rebuilt, which is a costly exercise.

A Helix-compliant Sitecore implementation is a mark of quality. It indicates it’s been well designed and can grow with your requirements over time.

How we can help you get the best from Sitecore using Helix

Kagool’s senior developers recently attended a two-day Sitecore Helix deep-dive investigation on how Sitecore wants developers to use their product and get the best from it.

Sitecore is serious about promoting quality with the Helix principles. We’ve embraced that philosophy, and all new Sitecore sites built by Kagool are now built using them. We’re already reaping the benefits.

Our expertise as a Sitecore Platinum Partner means that we can help you get the best ROI on your Sitecore project. Get in touch with us and we can offer a Sitecore demo for new customers, or a Sitecore audit for existing users.

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