Sitecore Integration

9th March 2015
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Quite remarkable that Sitecore loves a platform integration, let us explain how...

Sitecore MVPs are the elite of developers in the Sitecore world. There are very few in the UK and two of them work at Kagool.  Some call them special, we call them Martin and Mike.

So who better to explain how powerful your Sitecore website and your other digital platform can become when you start getting data to talk to each other.

Sitecore has a have number of API connectors to get platforms like Sharepoint, Salesforce, Dynamics , E-commerce and social media solutions the data and insight they need.  In fact we see Sitecore as the central hub for your Digital strategy.

We have extensive experience with Sitecore integration. In fact we’ve won Awards for it. We love a challenge so talk to us today.


Hi, my name is Martin Davies.  I’m a Consultant developer at Kagool and a Sitecore MVP.

System integration is really important for businesses these days and Sitecore makes that integration really simple.  Sitecore has all these amazing marketing features and they’re great on their own, but they really become powerful when you bring data in from external sources.  So if you have a CRM then you can bring data that you already know about a  person and link it up to your website and really make a personal experience.

I’m Mike Robbins, Senior Consultant developer and Sitecore MVP.

One of the questions I regularly here is how does Sitecore integrate with other systems.  Sitecore offers a number of connectors out of the box for Sitecore, so it allows you to integrate with a CRM system such as Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics.  It’s also a connector for Sharepoint, but you can build other connectors quite easily with Sitecore.  Sitecore’s built on, which means integration with other Microsoft products is seamless and can be integrated with any other system too.

Sitecore makes it really easy to integrate with other systems, whether that’s CRMs or custom databases or ecommerce solutions.  Its modular framework makes that a really simple process and it means that Sitecore can be the hub of all your digital activity.  In fact, what we’re seeing more and more these days is companies coming to Sitecore to make sure that their system can integrate with the platform.  We’ve integrated Sitecore with Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics, as well a host of custom databases that customers bring to us and also all the major social platforms.  That process is really easy because Sitecore build in this modular fashion.

Personally I’ve integrated Sitecore with multiple CRM systems with active directory for single sign on, multiple payment providers and social networks.  I’ve also created services that allow third parties to integrate directly into Sitecore, to expose data out of Sitecore, allowing them to push data into Sitecore as well.

For the customer this means that Sitecore manages all the content.  They can use their existing third party systems to push data into Sitecore and they can use Sitecore as the central repository for all the marketing content.

We’re dedicated Sitecore specialists.  We can integrate your Sitecore system with any part of your digital strategy.  Every integration that we do makes the platform that much more powerful.