Sitecore pricing – How much does Sitecore cost?

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The Kagool guide to Sitecore pricing

After being impressed with the great features and flexibility of Sitecore, potential customers quickly ask us about Sitecore pricing. The most common question we get from would-be clients is “How much does Sitecore cost?”

As the Sitecore platform is customisable and can deployed in many different ways, every project is different. Each organisation has different requirements and no two build projects are ever the same.

As the UK’s leading Sitecore specialist we can help you with Sitecore pricing questions, please contact us for more information.

7 Sitecore pricing factors that answer the question "how much does Sitecore cost?"

There are common factors that will help determine both the build cost and how much you’ll pay on an ongoing basis. We can discuss your requirements to answer the question “how much does Sitecore cost?” with a quote that meets your specific requirements and long-term business objectives.

There are seven key factors that affect Sitecore Pricing:

  1. Number of domains - How many websites will you power with Sitecore?
  2. Global reach - How many territories do you operate in?
  3. Languages - How many languages are required for each territory?
  4. Integration (with CRM, Ecommerce, social platform etc.) - How many other software platforms do you need to integrate? Which software versions are there? What is the back-up plan for potential downtime with offline systems? Will this be live real-time Sitecore Integration
  5. Website traffic - How many site visitors to you get? Is this cyclical? Are there periods of intensive demand? How is the traffic expected to grow?
  6. Additional Modules - Which modules are you going to use?
  7. Bespoke functionality - What bespoke development do you require to meet your aims?

These factors will influence Sitecore pricing.

Once these factors have been calculated within a long-term development road map for your organisation we will produce a Sitecore pricing model to fit your needs that includes Sitecore licence suggestions and the required web site design and development work.

How much does a Sitecore licence cost?

There are a number of licensing options available with Sitecore. The number of Sitecore server installations you’ll require – generally determined by your traffic volume – and the number of simultaneous users that you need logged in (content editors, developers and designers) are key factors within this calculation.

Sitecore website development pricing

Following a discovery process a project will usually consist of an initial build with further phased development stages to deliver additional features and functionality. The partner chosen to implement this initial phase of development is crucial to the success of the project. The ease of update and expansion are determined by the foundations laid at this stage. Additional time and money spent in this period of development can result in important savings later on in the development roadmap.

Low cost Sitecore development

As the leading UK Sitecore specialist, our qualified team have unrivaled experience producing award winning Sitecore websites. We’ve pooled this expertise together to produce our own Sitecore build accelerator, ‘Sitecore Foundations’. This platform provides our customers with a proven, stable build environment that speeds up development times and reduce initial cost. Our customers get high quality work cheaper and quicker with this option.

Sitecore pricing for hosting and support

Maintaining good service to customers is crucial following the launch of any Sitecore project. A Sitecore hosting and Sitecore support package can be tailored to your exact requirements. The costs will usually be based on the number of servers you have and your traffic volume. Hosting and support will be an annual, ongoing cost.

Find out how much Sitecore costs

To learn more about Sitecore pricing options or to get a straight answer to the question “How much does Sitecore cost?” please contact us or give us a call on 02920 666655. If you’re new to Sitecore and would like to get a Sitecore demo or find out more about the platform we’d be delighted to help.