Sitecore projects: Discovery phase case study with Welsh Water
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Our Discovery process: Welsh Water case study

Tung Chung of Welsh Water explains how they benefited

Want to know more about our Discovery process?

Our Discovery Process allows us to ask the right questions to get you the right answers at the most important phase of your Sitecore project - the start. 

We believe it allows us to challenge you, your assumptions and just as importantly our ourselves. In a nutshell, get this right and a your content, UX and IA will flow easily and you will be on the path to successful Sitecore DMS usage - the cornerstone of great Sitecore sites.

Tung Chung of Dwr Cymru Welsh Water talks about his positive experience of the Discovery process and how defining Customer Personas lead to not just a clearer website strategy and content plan, but also delivered wider company benefits.   Find out how.   

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My name is Tung Chung.  I work for Dwr Cymru Welsh Water.  I work in the digital services team.  My title is web technical specialist.  Basically I oversee the technical implementation of all our projects.

The discovery process with Kagool was very good and engaging.  We didn't have a clear understanding of who our customers were.  Although we had all the information, but it's what to do with it.  What Kagool did, they ran workshops to help us identify clearly exactly who the customers were.  We split up into several personas, Seb who's the young individual who doesn't have much time to contact Dwr Cymru, always keen to go online, has a phone with him; and we had Dot, who is the older generation, always keen to pick up the phone and wants to speak to someone, not very confident with using online tools.

Kagool helped us identify these personas.  It's a good discovery process.  Once we wrote up the personas, everything came together.  Writing content was a lot easier.  The way we approached it was with the personas in mind.  Everything we wrote, we just had a checklist, does it pass the Dot/Seb test and that made it a lot easier, even to the extent of how we laid out our pages.

Once we'd done the discovery phase, we saw the benefits of it and we felt with every project that we run it's worth doing all these exercises again and I highly recommend it to anyone who participates in the project, is to run these discovery phases with Kagool

Danny Wyatt,

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