Sitecore Migration for IOSH saves time and money

Sitecore Migration for IOSH saves time and money

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Sitecore migration from a legacy CMS reduces support enquires for IOSH by 50%

Significant Time Savings


Delivered by the Online subscription renewal process


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The volume of support calls have dropped by


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The volume of support emails have fallen by over

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Provided to 33 branches and 17 groups


IOSH have 43,000+ members in 99 countries. They are one of the world's leaders in health and safety training with more than 130,000 people taking one of their courses every year. IOSH offer their members a huge range of free web tools, guides and research reports.

We worked with IOSH to build their new Sitecore site, which launched in September 2013.

The IOSH website has transformed the way the organisation operates and changed member expectations of what the Institution is about. It is key to helping IOSH members working in thousands of organisations up and down the UK ensure they get the best out of their budgets, and help save lives.

Anna Cooper Online Development Manager

The Challenge

IOSH’s site is their shop window and main means of engaging with members – available 24/7 to a global audience.

The IOSH website is ‘business-critical’ for the Institution so Sitecore migration from a legacy CMS was vitally important. Kagool provides a platform for total engagement by:

  • Adding value for members by offering services such as: Join / Renew / Continuous Professional Development / Purchase of Events / Share Knowledge / Professional Resources and cultivating an engaging community
  • Saving money for the organisation by migrating member activity from a manual process to a digital one.
  • Acting as a focal point for IOSH campaigns relevant to millions of people promoting Health and Safety around the world

Their site was using Alterian Immediacy as the Content Management System (CMS). This was obsolete. IOSH needed to move smoothly from this legacy CMS to a new scalable, secure and stable CMS with minimum disruption to members. We advised they re-platform to Sitecore. 

IOSH used several third party systems that would need to be integrated with Sitecore including:

  • IRIS Consensus - CRM
  • World Pay - eCommerce
  • Yet Another Forum (YAF) - Forum
  • SkillSure - CPD
  • Postcode Anywhere - this helps IOSH members complete forms and calculate the distance to courses and conferences.

IOSH also wanted a secure, scalable hosting option for the new site.

Sitecore acted as a unifying platform for the organisation. Taking a structured approach brought together different stakeholder groups within the organisation, giving them a common ground to build synergies

Anna Cooper Online Development Manager

The Approach

A discovery phase was undertaken with senior IOSH stakeholders. This included reviewing business objectives and digital goals as well as understanding user journeys taken by the personas through the site.

Following discovery we specified the areas we would focus on. These included:

  • Workshops to build Persona definition
  • Wireframing and design
  • Sitecore implementation and configuration
  • Providing eCommerce
  • Improving UX for Desktop and Mobile
  • Integration with third party systems 
  • DMS implementation, configuration and categorisation
  • Tailored training

With the personas approved we designed the site to render gracefully in mobile/tablet. This was important as IOSH expected tablet users to grow to 25% by the summer.

Next we started on the Sitecore build.

Following Sitecore best practice we adopted an object-based, modular approach to the build. This allows IOSH a high degree of flexibility in the way they can present, test and personalise content. The fully-supported page-editor has helped content editors to realise content and structure through the intuitive use of placeholder settings. They can translate business objectives into actionable goals on the site.

Sitecore Workflows allow IOSH to fully implement their businesses processes digitally.

Use of Sitecore Branching has allowed IOSH to create planned and tactical microsites that inherit properties from the main website and can be set up in days.

Sitecore DMS was installed and configured as the backbone of membership management. We set it up to be used for categorisation, access rights and security permissions. Each member is assigned roles and tailored content is presented to them. IOSH are in the process of piloting a recruitment drive, presenting culturally tailored content to potential members in India. Using DMS, IOSH are able to match the user to a persona and present targeted content.

Because IOSH offer a range of online services to their members the quality of integration with their third party systems was of high importance. As part of this we implemented a "single sign on" which will vastly improve the user experience.

We host the site at Pulsant, our enterprise cloud hosting service. IOSH have a scalable, secure and cost-effective Sitecore hosting solution supported 24/7 by us.

Sitecore acted as a unifying platform for the organisation. Taking a structured approach brought together different stakeholder groups within the organisation, giving them a common ground to build synergies

Anna Cooper Online Development Manager

IOSH New Sitecore Site project timeline

  • Discovery

    We really got our teeth into understanding the projects scope and wrote user stories to guide us 

  • Design

    Working off high res designs we carefully crafted all the build assets ready for development

  • Build

    With 16 sprints scheduled we really had to roll up our sleeves to get the site built.

  • UAT

    We hit the finishing straight with final end to end UAT including third party connectors and systems 

  • Go Live

    The big moment of truth. We flicked the switch on the DNS change and bingo the site's live.

Summary and next steps

The move to Sitecore has let IOSH replace an obsolete CMS and integrate a number of disconnected tools to give their members a far better experience.

Sitecore integration with their third party systems has allowed IOSH to offer a raft of benefits to members including:

  • Self-service join and renew membership, saving personnel, phone and paper-based resources
  • Self-service of booking training courses and conferences, saving admin recourse
  • Self-service of updating of personal and professional information, saving phone resources
  • Authentication, one point of login allows negates the need for users to log into difference sections of the website
  • Online payments, Twenty-four hour availability of purchasing of Membership and Events benefiting IOSH members in various time-zones
  • Email alerts, inform users of new resources available to them to utilise in the health and safety role. Alert to users when IOSH have a published Consultations to poll members to have their say on topics in media with notifications when IOSH have an official response

With member bank details and career profiles stored in the CMR, data security is paramount. IOSH pay special attention to data security and Sitecore provided a solid foundation on which to structure the data for passing between applications.

Since this project finished we've built on the foundations we implemented. We've completed several medium size projects with IOSH improving the events section of the site, implementing a director listing and also installing and configuring the ECM module to allow IOSH to email members. We are currently upgrading them to a later version of Sitecore. This will allow them access to the greater functionality Sitecore DMS offers.

  • Login

    Single sign on

  • Member

    Self service for members

  • Online_Payments

    Online payments

  • Search

    Greater site governance and security

We are proud that the organisation transitioned with minimal impact to our users and are now set up for expansion. The platform has acted as a central focal point for the many and complex stakeholder groups in the organisation. The solution cultivates the Health and Safety community around the world offering valuable resources in their profession. Kagool and our team have worked together to build something quite special, all based on the Sitecore platform. 

We have followed through on the ambition to start from the ground up and build a site aligned with business goals that is fitting for the growth ambitions of IOSH.

Anna Cooper Online Development Manager

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