Sitecore email marketing

Accelerate your email marketing strategy with Sitecore

There are two main parts to our Sitecore email marketing service:

  • EXM campaign management – we help set up and manage Sitecore’s Email Experience Manager (EXM) for your email marketing campaigns.
  • Sitecore marketing automation – we make use of Sitecore’s built-in marketing automation features, making your email marketing strategy easier and more effective.

The best part is Sitecore EXM and marketing automation are already integrated with your solution and part of your existing Sitecore licence.

Why you need Sitecore email marketing

If you’re already on Sitecore and using an email marketing platform like MailChimp or ConstantContact, you’re throwing money away. Plus, you’re making things much harder for yourself and you could be missing out on key analytic data about your customers.

With a Sitecore email marketing strategy, you’re using tools that are already integrated into your solution. These integrated systems can connect with your CMS and use real-time interactions to give you a single view of every customer. It can also feed into other data like your personas, goals, campaigns and engagement scores.

Why choose Kagool for Sitecore email marketing?

Although we refer to it as ‘out of the box’, Sitecore EXM needs a little configuration to get it working within your specific setup. You can use the standard templates that come installed. But you might want us to build you a suite of custom templates. You may also want us to set rules about what can go where. The way we do for web pages.

You’ll want a partner that knows how to configure Sitecore EXM so it’s right for your needs. And who understands the value of an automated, connected email campaign in terms of time and money. We’re that partner. Our specialist Sitecore developers and digital marketers make a winning combination for delivering successful Sitecore email marketing strategies.