Sitecore hosting

Sitecore-optimised hosting, tailored to your business

You’ve made a sizeable investment in Sitecore. And whether your website is an engagement, brand perception or sales tool, it’s incredibly valuable. Which means any downtime, bugs or glitches have a big impact on your business. So you need a hosting service you can count on.

We provide Sitecore hosting services to many of our clients’ websites, whether we’ve built them or not. Working hand-in-hand with support, our Sitecore hosting is all about finding the right technology for your business and supporting your individual solution.

Our Sitecore hosting options include:

  • Sitecore Cloud management – Sitecore hosting on our Private Cloud
  • Sitecore Azure hosting – managed hosting for Microsoft Azure

Whichever you choose, you’ll get hosting and support that’s stable, reliable and optimised for Sitecore solutions.

Why choose Kagool for Sitecore hosting?

We use the New Relic product portfolio, with its deep analytic capability, to see how the application and infrastructure are working together. We then find smart ways of fine tuning it. So you won't need to call us (unless you want to).

Every partner will tell you that security is part of their process. But not all of them can back it up. We hold ourselves to a measurable standard, achieving ISO 27001 accreditation. This standard is about ensuring client data is handled securely, considering the following aspects:

  • Confidentiality - Reassurance that the data isn't going to end up in the wrong hands
  • Integrity - That the data will not be corrupted and mistreated
  • Availability - That your client data in the live environment doesn't suffer any service outage

It may not sound glamourous. But it's part of who we are and woven into our build processes from the start. Because we'd rather prevent a problem than fix one.