Sitecore support

Dedicated support to keep your solution good as new

We’d love it if you never needed us. But the reality is all enterprise level business’ websites need developmental support.

Our inclusive, dedicated service includes:

  • Automated website testing in Sitecore
  • Sitecore performance tuning
  • Sitecore error checking
  • Sitecore audits
  • Sitecore healthchecks

With support from us, you’ll get a tailored Service Level Agreement (SLA) from the outset. We'll prioritise and solve your solution's unique issues with the urgency they deserve.

Why choose Kagool for Sitecore support?

At Kagool, we look at support differently. We don’t look for quick fixes or temporary patches. We believe in being proactive, not reactive, to keep your solution running as good as new. Because we know the size of the investment you’ve made. And we know that down-time equals money lost.

Some of the reasons we think our support is the best in the partner channel:

  • It isn't resourced from the project team – you’ll never have to make tough calls to prioritise competing resources on your roadmap
  • We're not just a few support analysts (like many other partners), we’re a dedicated team of Sitecore certified developers
  • We work and report to an SLA for clarity and transparency – we’ll arrange regular service delivery reviews to make sure you’re getting the best service possible
  • We align our support processes to ITIL, industry best practice framework - we keep an eye on the latest insights and are always looking at ways to improve
  • We use industry leading systems like New Relic and GoToAssist - to make sure we deliver our service to highest possible standard

Who do we provide support for?

We provide some level of maintenance for all our clients. Each has a unique SLA for their business needs. For some of our clients, we provide 24/7 support.

We’ve been providing support for Welsh Water since delivering their Sitecore microsite builder. Their ability to create microsites quickly, securely and cost effectively has led to huge cost savings and better ROI. With our dedicated, 24/7/365 Sitecore support, Welsh Water know their solution is constantly in safe hands.