Sitecore support

Our dedicated Sitecore support team takes the hassle away from you

In an ideal world, your business would never need Sitecore support. The reality, however, is that all enterprise-level websites need ongoing developmental support, and no one can prepare for the unexpected.

Your website is business critical, and as a result, so is support.

We provide an unrivalled, proactive Sitecore support service for a variety of customers across many different industries and sectors.

Our inclusive, dedicated Sitecore support service includes:

  • Automated website testing in Sitecore
  • Sitecore performance tuning
  • Sitecore error checking
  • Sitecore audits
  • Sitecore health checks

With support from us, you’ll get a tailored Service Level Agreement (SLA) from the outset. We'll prioritise and solve your unique Sitecore issues with the urgency they deserve.


What makes a great Sitecore support partner?

Rather than settling for a standard support provider, you should look to find a partner that goes the extra mile, like us. What really separates a top-tier service from the rest is a fully-managed Sitecore support service. This means a proactive, all-inclusive service with a dedicated team behind it.


Why choose Kagool for Sitecore support?

At Kagool, we look at support differently. We don’t look for quick fixes or temporary patches. We believe in being proactive, not reactive, to keep your solution running as good as new. Also, we know the size of the investment you’ve made. And we know that down-time equals money lost.

With Kagool Sitecore support, you get much more than a standard reactive service.  You get the agency in the UK with the most Sitecore Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs), a Sitecore Platinum Partner and separate support and development teams, who are able to support the latest version of Sitecore and all the features that come with it.


Here’s why our support sets us apart from other Sitecore partners

  • Our dedicated support team is just that: a dedicated team that will have your undivided attention. No need to worry about making tough calls to prioritise competing resources on your roadmap
  • We're not just a few support analysts (like many other partners), we’re a specialist team of fully-certified Sitecore developers
  • We work and report to an SLA for clarity and transparency – we’ll arrange regular service delivery reviews to make sure you’re getting the best service possible
  • We align our support processes to ITIL, the industry best practice framework - we keep an eye on the latest insights and are always looking at ways to improve
  • We use industry-leading systems like New Relic and GoToAssist - to make sure we deliver our service to the highest possible standard


Who do we provide Sitecore support for?

Every Kagool customer has a unique SLA for their business needs. For some of our clients, we provide 24/7 support.

One example of our Sitecore support service working well is for Welsh Water. Since delivering their Sitecore microsite builder, their ability to create microsites quickly, securely and cost effectively has led to huge cost savings and a better digital ROI. A new solution however, is bound to have a period of internal adaptation, which we are well equipped to oversee. With our dedicated, 24/7/365 Sitecore support, Welsh Water know their solution is constantly in safe hands.


Global Sitecore support from Kagool

Our Sitecore support services are not just limited to the UK, as we service a number of clients globally.

Our customer-base spreads throughout the world, crossing continents and spanning both sides of the Atlantic.

Some of our Sitecore support packages have included:

  • Sitecore support for a global travel company based in Australia
  • Sitecore support for a global manufacturer based in the USA
  • 24/7 Support for a global business based in New Zealand
  • Sitecore support for an English Premier League football club with global reach

See our case studies, or if you want to speak to us about how we can support your Sitecore setup, get in touch with us today.