Sitecore integration

Helping you enhance business processes with connected systems

Sitecore’s flexibility combined with our ‘can-do’ thinking means there are very few boundaries to what we can help you achieve digitally. Whether you’re looking to solve a specific challenge or implement a brand new digital strategy, we'll use Sitecore integration to offer the best solution.

Sitecore’s API lets it pass data to and from most third party software solutions so they can be properly integrated. So you can control your online store, post to social media and track customer interactions from a single Sitecore implementation. There are some great options that are proven to fully integrate with Sitecore, including:


Keeping track of your customers and what they're doing is vital. Without a deep understanding of your customers’ needs, you can’t personalise and improve their experiences. We have plenty of experience delivering Sitecore integration with some of the best known systems, like Salesforce and MS Dynamics.

If you've worked with these systems, you’ll know that they're very configurable platforms in their own right. And it’s important to plan for this by designing for workflow, additional fields and the events you’ll need to trigger. This is what our discovery process is for. It helps us fully consider the technical approach needed to capture the data architecture and data flow for your systems.

We also have experience in a range of other CRM systems such as Integra and Contact Edge. We’ve integrated these systems with Sitecore for a number of large membership organisations, helping with membership management and synchronisation.


For retail and manufacturing businesses, being able to turn your website into an online store is invaluable. Not only will you save time managing your sales data within Sitecore. But you’ll be able to make the most of personalisation and analytics to increase sales.

Sitecore has its own enterprise grade e-commerce platform, Commerce Server. As it’s a Sitecore offering, it's well supported. But it may not suit smaller organisations who don't need a full enterprise level system.   

Another great e-commerce option for Sitecore integration is uCommerce. It’s capable of deep integration with Sitecore, giving it a real advantage over other similar platforms. The ability to use Sitecore’s personalisation features, for example, is a huge benefit to marketers looking to improve the customer experience and increase sales.

We were uCommerce's first UK Sitecore partner. We've developed a strong relationship with them and put our whole development team through official training. It's now a key part of our Sitecore offering.


We've completed a number of Sitecore integration projects for customers looking to improve engagement with their users through various social media platforms.

Some of these include:

  • Telligent Community - Telligent is the leading .Net community and social platform. It's a very popular community platform with a lot of investment in its roadmap. And It integrates beautifully with Sitecore. We delivered a significant community project for one of our customers using Sitecore integration with Telligent. Plus, we’re a Telligent partner.
  • Yet Another Forum (YAF) - This is a popular piece of open source .Net software used to manage forums. We've provided Sitecore integration with YAF for two customers, including IOSH. One of which has more than 40,000 users. For that project we integrated Sitecore user management to administer permissions.
  • Pluck - Pluck is used by Healthspan to build an on-line community that discusses the range of supplements that are available through their business. This project won numerous accolades including an Online Retailers Award for Best Pharmacy / Healthcare Website.

We have experience integrating with a variety of social platforms. So, whether you’re already using these systems or need help getting started, we can help you grow your online presence and reach key business goals.