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28 March 2019 |

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AS TEST 2The importance of financial services website design is arguably more important than many other sectors of industry. Websites aren’t just a sales tool, they’re more readily used as a self-service portal for customers of financial institutions.

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Banks, building societies and other financial institutions need to cater for the needs of just about every type of customer. These discerning customers access their savings, mortgages and financial wellbeing via the online branch of their favourite financial firms. A misplaced decimal point or misunderstanding of a calculator can cause angst for thousands of customers.

To succeed in this competitive landscape. Institutions need to ensure they exceed the 7 pillars of great financial services website design.


2. Security at every step

Security in the financial sector is crucial. In recent years cyber risks have evolved significantly and customers are more aware of data breaches. Building a website with a robust infrastructure is fundamental for financial services companies to gain their customers’ trust. If the design of a website doesn’t look secure customers simply won’t have the confidence to use it.

To establish the trust and loyalty of customers, the design needs to include subtle reminders of security.

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Human insight. I don’t have enough time to care.

With any new project we first need to understand the challenge we’re faced with. To do this we typically run a few workshops to identify goals, audience types, user journeys, and to understand what success will look like.

This helps us form a clear project brief, we use this to guide our decision making but it does not pre-determine the outcomes. We use research to remove assumptions and find insights that help.

We use design sprints to get things done
We use design sprints to get things done
We use design sprints to get things done

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