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We're sized to be personable, designed to operate globally.

Leading organisations trust us to deliver. Our team supports customers in Sydney, Seattle, London, Johannesburg and Tokyo.

Sitecore agency and Platinum Partner, Kagool is a partner with a difference. Many skills, one platform.

We’re one of the UK’s leading Sitecore partners delivering complex platforms at scale. With over 50 audits under our belt, our team of experienced Sitecore developers have successfully rescued poor performing Sitecore implementations to help business get back on track and engage their audience more effectively.

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1. Strategy Solving business challenges by providing leadership and vision from the outset. Then providing long-term roadmaps that drive value across all touchpoints, using practical strategies for your data landscape to achieve your goals.   2. Experience Leading design that realises the vision in brand-led personalised customer journeys and CX across all digital channels; supporting […]


Digital Experience Platforms (DXPs) Realising product design with best-in-class DXPs to deliver personalised experiences at scale.   Cloud Enterprise hosting alongside latest cloud services such as AI, Machine Learning and device connectivity (IOT).   Support and Maintenance Ongoing SLA-based management for clients ensuring that their digital ecosystem is always on.


Design is more than making your website look good. It’s how you speak to your audience and treat your customers. Your brand comes to life through in these moments, and we create experiences that people will remember.


Whether you’re new to Sitecore, or an existing user, you have plenty to consider to get the most from Sitecore. As a full service digital agency, we do more than just build award-winning Sitecore websites. We use our expertise to help you create a connected digital strategy, driven by Sitecore systems and tools.

Sitecore Support

Your website is business critical, and as a result, so is support.
We provide an unrivalled, proactive support service for a variety of customers across many different industries and sectors.

Sitecore agency and platinum partner

Digital strategy, design, build, integration, optimisation and SEO.

Hi, we’re Kagool. We live and breathe digital. To be more exact, we live and breathe ‘Sitecore Digital’. We’re a Sitecore Platinum Partner that builds award winning Sitecore Websites. We’re the most experienced Sitecore agency in the UK. We’ve carried out over 200 Sitecore projects. And support 30+ active Sitecore customers.

Our Sitecore Experience Architects will help you with your digital strategy. Getting the most from your digital project, from UX through to Sitecore SEO.

We’re well suited to mid-tier and enterprise Sitecore projects. For our customers this might mean connecting the Sitecore CMS up with business systems, CRM, ERP etc.

These Sitecore integration projects can be complicated. Our Sitecore specialists will choose the right architectural approach. And also help you get to grips with the advanced Sitecore digital marketing tools.

We can provide 24x7 Sitecore support, tailored Sitecore hosting and ongoing Sitecore optimisation. Wondering what Sitecore could do for your business? Or already on the platform and want to really squeeze the juice out of it?

If you’re near a phone, we’re chatty Sitecore evangelists who would love to hear from you! Are you looking for a new role in London, Cardiff or a Manchester digital agency? Check out our careers page for current Sitecore jobs.