Away days

Away days

Annual days out with the whole team. Getting to know your team mates.

Every year in the summer months, we all get together to have some fun! Who doesn’t like spending time with their team mates getting to know each other a bit better. Let’s face it, working over three offices getting together all of the time can be a bit difficult and what’s better than a big team day out?

We all work hard and that’s why we arrange an annual event that encourages the team to spend time together. Some of the activities have included canoeing up the River Wye, white water rafting and a trip to Alton Towers.

A team day you say, what does that involve?

Every day is different, depending on the location. But it usually starts with some breakfast all together and a plan for the day.  An important health and safety briefing followed by getting into your groups for the session. Once formalities are out of the way, the day start. Be that either climbing into your canoe, building a raft or getting into a raft ready for the day ahead. The morning is spent working together then we’ll stop for lunch. This is an opportunity to give a company update from some of the senior team.

After lunch, back to the activities. Finishing the day off with usually most of the team getting wet by jumping into the River Wye, the Taff or getting soaked on the river rapids at Alton Towers.

We want everyone to enjoy the day so the emphasis is on making sure we all have fun, while spending time with the team.

If you want to be part of the fun, then get in touch or look at our current vacancies to see if there’s a role for you.