Senior User Experience Designer - Kagool

Senior User Experience Designer

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We're looking for a Senior User Experience Designer to join our team in Manchester.

Join and make a difference.

Our Design team are responsible for creating great experiences that helps businesses and users succeed. As a result, our team continues to grow in size and capability. We’re expanding the design team to our Manchester office and looking for a Senior User Experience Designer to establish and continue our success.

What we’d need from you:

  • You know who it takes to deliver a successful project. Having worked as part of a multi-disciplined team from concept to execution, you understand the various roles and skills involved, and how each can play their part.
  • You can work with people.Whether it’s in a client workshop or team meeting, presentation or phone call, you can talk about ideas clearly, gather information and ideas, and guide conversations.
  • You have an eye for experiences. With an extensive knowledge of industry tools and methods, you can create a customer experience through effective IA design, seamless user journeys, and considered visual
  • You know how to make good decisions. From working with user needs and requirements, to personas and journey maps, and all of the research and analytics in between, you can create experiences that make a difference.
  • You can work autonomously and as part of a larger team. We run a sprint approach to design, so you’ll work with velocity, sometimes on your own but mostly with the rest of your project and client team. You’ll need to demonstrate good skills in communicating and collaborating to reach the best outcome.
  • You’re not afraid to challenge or learn from others. You are the champion for user experience but look for the experience and insight that others can bring to create the strongest outcome possible.
  • You can find and deliver opportunities. Whether it’s through usability audits, research, or user testing, you actively look for the moments of truth that can be used to improve the user experience.
  • You can confidently present your findings and ideas in a clear and concise manner that gets your team and client enthused by your strategy.
  • You work well Product Owners and Project Managers to prioritise, plan, and deliver your UX vision in the right stages and on time.

Qualities you should have:

  • The ability to be empathetic towards team members, clients, and their audiences to build a collaborative and shared vision.
  • Resourcefulness - The ability to bring about a result when faced with barriers to the completion of work.
  • Excellent written, organisational, and analytical
  • In-depth understanding of interactive design, capabilities of web browsers, and an understanding of design reliant technology.
  • Knowledge of interaction design, as well as interface/interactive/motion/touch design trends (this is about awareness of interactions and how they impact UX, and the presentation of UI).
  • Ability to produce exceptional presentations that explain the approach to your work.

We’re a team of 70 individuals (and counting!) who have a few things in common – a love of tech, an eye for design and a whole lot of pride. We’re a bright, vibrant, passionate bunch. We love to learn and we’re encouraged to do so. Every individual who joins our business has their very own development programme, which includes becoming Sitecore certified within the first six months of joining.

Sharing knowledge, the odd joke and even our problems is the key to our success. And when we’ve earnt that success, we celebrate! Whether that’s a team pub lunch, a Beer and Doughnuts party or a canoeing trip down the River Wye.

We work in a fun, fast paced environment, taking an agile approach to all projects. The majority of our work is delivered within three to six-month cycles, meaning you’ll always have the opportunity to work on new and exciting tasks.

We pride ourselves on delivering high quality solutions and, in order to be on top of our game, we know how important a good work-life balance is. As an eclectic mix of individuals, we like everything from walking, surfing, gaming and cycling, to banjo playing and flying gliders. Which definitely keeps after-work-drinks conversations interesting.