Content Crunch – Transform digital marketing with our free Sitecore eBook

Content Crunch – Transform digital marketing with our free Sitecore eBook

Find out how organisations can overcome the content crunch with Sitecore Content Hub

97% of marketers state that their biggest challenge is content. The content crunch is impacting organisations industry-wide and is the cause of many headaches for CMOs and Marketing Directors. But this doesn’t need to be the case.

Customer expectations have shifted significantly and now your customers expect memorable experiences at every touchpoint. This demand for slick omni-channel marketing can seem overwhelming when you have websites, social pages, blogs, and mobile content to consider. The pressure on marketing teams to deliver a portfolio of content across all these channels with quality and at speed can feel like an impossible task.

Successful content management requires the seamless partnership of multiple systems, data and processes that help marketers create and deliver their content at scale. In addition to the accessibility of content, customers expect personalised experiences from brands, making the task a layered content-crisis to overcome.

Tackle the content crunch with Sitecore Content Hub

There’s more to solving the content crunch than a single piece of software and no two businesses are the same. However, equipping your team with the right tools is a huge leap in the right direction. Sitecore Content Hub has been designed to empower organisations with flexibility and ease to take the pressure of marketing teams.

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How well is your organisation dealing with the content crunch?

If you’re unsure if your current content marketing strategy is effective, it’s probably a good signifier to review it. We are Kagool, a Platinum Sitecore Partner that specialises in the design, development and optimisation of Sitecore solutions. We have been helping enterprise level organisations grow and achieve their digital goals since 1999, so when it comes to digital strategy and specifically Sitecore – your project is in the best hands.

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