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1st September 2017
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Digital marketing tactics – 10 digital marketing tactics to get quick results

No one knows your business like you do. It is unique. Your digital marketing tactics will also be unique to your business. Ultimately, this is what forms your wider digital marketing strategy.

There are ten key certain digital marketing tactics that work for just about every business. These tried and tested fundamentals – along with some more recent, cutting edge tactics – will help you to get the most out of your digital marketing. Here are ten digital marketing tactics to consider.

Content tactics

1.) Go visual to beat the seven second rule

Did you know the attention span of today’s users is just seven seconds? It’s no coincidence then, that videos and visuals are replacing the written word. YouTube currently brings in just under a billion monthly visitors, and last year video consumption on Instagram increased by 40%.

Although the internet is built on written content, think about your mobile-scrolling audience who have only a moment to digest your brand. Visual content is 40 times more likely to be shared than other types of content. Engage your audience this way to reap the rewards.

2.) Utilise testimonials and reviews to build local consumer trust

People like familiarity. If they can relate to something, it resonates with them and builds trust. This is especially true when looking at customer reviews and testimonials. In fact, 88% of local consumers trust reviews as much as personal recommendations.

How can you use this to your advantage? Your customers are often your biggest fans. Ask them to leave reviews, testimonials and general support. With a wealth of user-generated content from your ‘fan base’, you’ll radiate trust and respect. You’ll also generate some extra traffic and links in the process.

3.) Concise and frequent blogs turn your authority into engagement

Good news: blogging isn’t going anywhere. Good to know: keep it concise to stop 43% of readers skimming your written content.

Companies that published 16 or more blogs each month generated three and a half times more traffic and four and a half times more leads than those publishing less than four. To add to this, one in ten blog posts are compounding, which means the amount of organic traffic they bring in increases over time.

As a Sitecore Platinum Partner, we feel comfortable and at home talking about all things Sitecore. As a digital marketer, you’ll be an expert in your field. Don’t be afraid of coming across as big headed as you list off your accreditations, awards and accolades. Nominate an expert or ambassador to be the voice of your company blog. Perhaps you’ve chosen an architect to publish a thought-piece each month.

Whichever way you use your expertise to blog, keep it punchy and frequent for those extra engagement and leads.

Social media & organisation tactics:

4.) Flip your social media on its head to tap into new audiences

A solid understanding of the different audiences that exist on different social platforms is key. The same messages have been hammered home for the last few years. ‘LinkedIn is where the professionals are’, ‘younger users are dropping off Facebook’ and ‘Instagram is where the traffic is.’ Whilst all these may still be correct as overarching truths, research has shown that some trends contradict this.

Take LinkedIn, with its impressive 450 million members, only 25% of these actively visit the platform each month. And Facebook, the ‘old-hat’ platform that many consider less relevant than it once was, is used professionally by 74% of people.

The take home fact here is that there will always be an audience that goes against traditional trends. Don’t miss out on a fantastic opportunity this way, tap into new audiences by switching your social targeting up.

5.) Use a content calendar to cut down on time

Far too many digital marketers find themselves stuck for content topic ideas week in week out. Cut down on time scratching your head by creating a content calendar. By sticking to a rigid schedule, it takes thinking out of the equation, freeing you up for more productive marketing tasks.

Aim to work like a media owner. Publishers and broadcasters leave nothing to chance. Everything they publish is organised weeks in advance and they are prepared for every eventuality.

Being the first the publish an article on a big world event with high search volume will give you an edge on competitors. Claim your keyword-optimised URLs in advance to stay one step ahead of the game.

Search & outreach tactics:

6.) Provide genuinely purposeful content for long-term organic success

Always remember the two sides of writing great content: writing great content, and making it searchable. However, it is easy to place too much importance on optimisation and not enough on creating purposeful content.

40% of marketers admit that the most challenging obstacle in SEO is Google’s constantly changing algorithms. With criteria for penalties ever-evolving, a sensible tactic is to first and foremost create your content for your audience.

Conduct proper keyword research and optimise later of course, this is crucial, but future-proof your content against penalties by writing for people. This may seem like an obvious choice, but the truth is that it can easily be forgotten when creating a batch of new pages, blogs or whitepapers.

Google will always change its algorithm, but shouldn’t ever be penalise good content.

A bonus point here is to think of engagement in a proactive way. It’s easy to fall into thinking that because no one engages with your content, all hope is lost. But ask yourself this: ‘who does your business engage with?’ Content is a two-way street. Engaging with other content sources build natural relationships.

7.) Improve your PPC ads for 50% more conversion rate

With all the benefits of organic search in mind, sometimes competition is just too tough and time is tight. It could take you months to overtake your biggest rival in the search engine results page, and this is where PPC comes in.

PPC visitors are 50% more likely to make a purchase then organic visitors, and to make the most of this potential traffic, there are a few things worth noting.

Firstly, CTR (Conversion Rate Optimisation) is higher for search ads than it is for display (1.91% vs 0.35%). Secondly, display ads can often be blocked or hindered due to slow website loading times, too many ads on webpages and security settings. With this in mind, focus your efforts on search ads and really optimise them to bring in the conversions.

Express your USPs and make it extremely easy for your audience to understand your product. With an ad you’ve got the top spot, you just need to make them click.

Analytics tactics:

8.) Reduce your bounce rate for better results

it’s commonplace for marketers to take advantage of analytics tools, without it, you’re putting a whole area of your digital marketing down to chance. Key metrics aside, an area of analysis that can often be left by the wayside is bounce rate. This is usually because pages with a high bounce rate can still have high traffic. It’s easy to ignore the negatives and focus on the positives, however this can be detrimental.

Ignoring bounce rate issues can have a knock-on effect leading to penalisation. Combat this by going through your pages each month and making changes to the worst offenders.

9.) Deliver multi-channel, automated experiences based on research

When a perfectly-timed, well-executed marketing email lands in your inbox, it has the power to convert. Through careful targeting, segmentation and research, you can reach out to people with the right offer or content, at the right time.

A combination of careful planning, uniform branding and tone of voice means your customer base will never feel as if they receive a disjointed brand experience.

An example of a joined-up brand experience is an optician website that sends you a perfectly-timed email reminding you of your due contact lens prescription.

By careful logging of customers’ buying habits, an optician company can email a customer a week before they buy contact lenses. At this point in their journey, they’re 100% going to purchase contact lenses within the next week. Don’t leave your customer retention to chance, control it and make it successful.

10.) Want to find out how Sitecore can improve your digital marketing tactics?

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