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Sitecore 10 tips for success

Sitecore 10 tips for success
8th June 2018
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10 tips for getting the most from Sitecore

When it comes to our favourite multi-purpose content management system, Sitecore, it’s important to truly harness its power and versatility. When it comes to digital publishing, those that can do so quickly and efficiently are the ones who succeed.

As a digital marketer, consistently pushing out high quality content to your audience will give you an authoritative reputation in your field. Having the right tools at hand to help you do this will go a long way in streamlining your content publishing processes. Here are our Sitecore 10 tips to help you get the most out of the platform as a digital marketer.

1. Organise with duplication or lead with cloning?

Sitecore’s cloning feature allows you to make copies of a page and create a link between them. This useful feature allows you to control all content editing from the master page. You can decide which changes will be made across all linked pages and which won’t.

Cloning is particularly useful because time is money. When blogs, pages and articles need to be scaled out across multiple websites, this feature is the perfect time-saving tactic.

One example would be an event launch across a multi-regional website. You could create a page for one region, clone it numerous times and change key information for all the pages very quickly.

This is where cloning differs from duplication. Duplication allows you to make a copy of a page. The duplicate page however, isn’t linked. Any information you want to change across all duplicated pages would have to be done individually. Now imagine if there were over a hundred different event pages? One thing’s for sure, lot of time would be wasted.

2. Archive, don’t delete

By archiving content in Sitecore, you can remove it from the content tree without deleting it completely. This allows you to keep a clean environment, which in turn means more focus, clarity and productivity in your publishing.

3. Sitecore’s workflow gives you more control permissions

Sitecore’s workflow feature allows you to nominate a ‘Role Manager’ who can control different users’ permissions. Using workflow means you’ll be safe in the knowledge that only those who are given access to publish, edit and authorise content can do so.

4. Prevent accidental publishing with the restriction feature

Have you ever been working on a draft article only to realise that it had been published the entire time? If trusted businesses and brands’ websites were covered in half-published blog posts, their audience’s perception of them as an authoritative voice would undoubtedly be impacted. Don’t let in-progress content get accidentally published. By taking hold of Sitecore’s publish restriction feature you can do just that.

5. Get advanced analytics with the path and page analyser

Wonder where your customers go when visiting your website? Typical analytics tools can provide a range of insights, but don’t always show information in the best way. Both the path and page analyser feature of Sitecore give incredible journey and path insights in a very digestible, visual way.

6. Wish you’d remembered that layout? Just hit reset

A big reset button. Sometimes it’s what we all wish for. When in the thick of a digital or creative project, it’s easy to go too far down the wrong path. You might look at your content, page or project and wish you could start again. With Sitecore’s ‘reset page layout to default’ option, that’s exactly what you can do.

7. Track and measure engagement with the campaign creator

One of Sitecore’s useful extra features is its campaign creator. By attaching a unique tracking code to the end of a URL, you can see in-depth user insights.

One of Sitecore’s fantastic features is that it creates an individual record for each user.

Over time, if these users return, you’ll see their complete behaviour profile from first visit to their most recent interaction. By combining this with engagement values, you’ll also be able to see the success of individual campaigns in driving conversions.

8. Need more than Google Analytics? Top up with Experience Analytics

Google Analytics is undoubtedly here to stay. Covering a wide range of metrics, stats and insights, Google’s product is the standard in web analytics. But what if you want to add more to tools your arsenal? This is where Experience Analytics comes in. Easily identify journey patterns and trends using data collected from websites and data sources, including:

  • Audience insights
  • Acquisition reporting
  • Conversion data
  • Behaviour analysis

9. Personalisation and testing made simple with the Experience Editor

If you prefer a more visual approach to page layout, the Experience Editor’s WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) function will complete your Sitecore experience. Using this mode, you can easily edit all visible items, such as text, images and widgets.

You can personalise images, test components and move items around the page directly from the Experience Editor.

The Experience Editor also provides a useful shared experience in instances where you might work collaboratively with your team, all gathered around one computer.

10. Let Sitecore remind you

Being a digital marketer can get busy with multiple campaigns, endless content and deadlines to keep on top off. The Sitecore Reminder Wizard can help you and is available directly from the content editor.

Whether you need to remind yourself to release a specific blog post on a particular day or need an approval before the content goes live, this feature is there to help. Once the Review tab is selected in the Content Editor, click the Reminder button and from there you can create a custom reminder with a message, time and date to give you or a recipient a gentle scheduled reminder.

Want to find out what Sitecore can do for your business?

Think Sitecore sounds like the platform your business needs? We work with a wide variety of businesses and organisations, spanning industries and sectors.

The one thing they have in common is Sitecore. As one of a select few Sitecore Platinum Partners, we can give you a free Sitecore demo. If you already use Sitecore but don’t think you’re getting the most out of it, talk to us about a Sitecore audit.

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