Sitecore commerce

Sitecore commerce

12th January 2018
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Sitecore Commerce - How Sitecore can power you to increased digital sales

Sitecore Commerce is an excellent digital opportunity for 2018. With it, you can increase your sales online, encourage conversion and build that all-important brand loyalty that keeps customers coming back for more.

Customers demand a new kind of commerce

Modern consumers have access to an unprecedented level of connectivity. They have ‘always-on’ access to your brand, your competition and most importantly, to each other.

However, with an abundance of choice in today’s market, it is much harder to create a brand connection with an outstanding personal touch. Customers will quite happily switch between different digital experiences if one has a better mobile interface, more relevant content or a slicker checkout process.

The aim for brands today is to provide a completely personalised customer experience.  Customers want to feel a brand care for their online experiences as much as a physical retail experience. Putting your product catalogue online is no longer enough, it won’t necessarily equal an increase in web sales.

Increase sales by engaging customers with brand experiences

So how can you increase sales in the digital space? Traditionally, brands have always promoted their products outwards, rather than trying to bring customers in. Today retailers need to focus beyond the product. The checkout basket is not necessarily the end goal.

You must understand the context of the consumer to make sure you’ve got a greater chance of conversion:

  • What device are they on?
  • What time is it for them?
  • Where are they located?
  • Do they have their card details to hand?
  • How do they like to be contacted?
  • Do they react to offers?
  • Do they react to content?
  • What do they like?
  • What excites them?

Understanding your audience is a must if you want to create a truly personalised shopping experience. With Sitecore, each user transaction and interaction will be building up their profile behind the scenes.

Matching the customer’s profile and product information creates a connected vision of customer and product that’ll let you tailor their shopping experience.

Build brand loyalty to increase your customers’ lifetime value

A customer wants to feel valued, engaged and most importantly, excited. As a brand, you should look to the individual and ask yourself: ‘what emotions are they experiencing during the buying process?’

Loyalty is a prize worth fighting for. Customers are craving for a meaningful connection with the brands they interact with or have an interest in.

The idea of a brand being able to increase a customer’s lifetime value was historically considered unattainable due to unrealistic clients’ service effort versus return. This was due, in part, to traditional online experiences not being able to provide an end-to-end shopping experience. This still remains a challenge for omni-channel engagement.

By using a platform like Sitecore, featuring automated customer management through digital channels, we can now significantly improve customer retention, increase up-sell income and generate repeat purchases without the huge overheads.

This, in turn, equals a real, tangible increase in customer lifetime value. It results in brand loyalty driven by experience.

Sitecore Commerce transforms prospects into converting customers

With Sitecore Commerce, you can use everything you know about your audience to deliver personalised shopping experiences that transform prospects into lifelong customers. You can own the experience for each unique customer, from awareness to advocacy and from one purchase to the next.

Looking across the entire range of customer touch points, both inside and outside of the customer experience, there are clear opportunities to generate deeper customer engagement, greater customer satisfaction, and new revenue streams built from brand loyalty.

Build brand experiences that keep your customers coming back

As a Sitecore Platinum partner, we can help you build brand experiences with Sitecore Commerce. Using the platform, we’ll:

  • Create and edit personalised shopping experiences
  • Test everything, optimise everything
  • Know every customer inside out

We’ll personalise every customer’s experience by adapting to their needs in context. The Experience Database captures preferences, behaviour, and persona matches for every single customer, and every individual experience, for a 360-degree customer profile.

With the customer positioned at the forefront of all communications, we’ll help ensure you provide a personalised, relevant and intelligent experience leading to higher conversions and more sales from digital.

Want to make money using Sitecore?

Speak to us to build your brand loyalty and increase sales with Sitecore Commerce

Sitecore Commerce is a powerful platform with the in-built ability to flexibly adapt to your audience’s needs.

We’d love to speak to you today about how our team of expert Sitecore developers and Search marketing specialists can help you increase interaction, sales and revenue through a strong digital brand loyalty.

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