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2nd June 2016
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A close look at three invaluable Sitecore digital marketing features

We’re taking a close look at three compelling Sitecore digital marketing features. All of which were introduced in Sitecore 8 and 8.1.

  • Experience Explorer
  • Path Analyser
  • Federated Experience Manager

Each of these Sitecore digital marketing features are unique. When used together they help enterprise level businesses to improve customer experience. With the right tools, even global businesses can give customers the personal touch. And it’s that personalisation that helps you see real ROI with Sitecore.

Sitecore Experience Explorer

What is it?

The Sitecore Experience Explorer is a tool that allows marketers to journey through their site as a visitor. Think Google Analytics, but more detailed and immersive. Marketers can set traits for an example user like their device, location and goals. If you have multiple Sitecore digital marketing campaigns on the go, this is a must.

For example:

View your site through the eyes of a user arriving from a link within an email campaign. Then explore personalisation options for every component and set personalisation rules for that type of user.

This means the user’s directed towards content similar to the kind that drove them to the site. So a campaign promoting your latest product will lead to content and calls to action that do the same.

Benefits to marketers

  • Improve personalisation
  • Set up rules for automated personalisation
  • Increase conversion rates

The Experience Explorer is an in-depth analytics tool. By viewing your site as a visitor, you get a genuine user perspective. Consider it a fine tooth comb for optimising your website. It’s one of the most helpful Sitecore digital marketing features, because it lets you customise everything. So, when it comes to personalisation, no stone’s left unturned.

Sitecore Path Analyser

What is it?

The Path Analyser application lets you map out the paths users take through your website. So you can analyse the site journey of users interacting with campaigns or on their way to converting on business critical activities such as goals and events. See where users land, where they go and each click that gets them there.

For example:

Create Path Analyser maps to track the different types of experiences users have on the way to content such as campaigns or digital assets.

And, with a little customer data, Path Analyser can track different kinds of visits. Measure the experience of a first time visitor or a returning customer. This gives you deeper insight into how different users interact with your website.

Benefits to marketers

To put it simply, there’s two major benefits:

  • Find out what’s working (and do more of it)
  • Find out what’s not working (and optimise it, fix it, test it with Analytics, etc.)

The Path Analyser shows you which paths have the most traffic and engagement. It also helps you measure conversion patterns for each engagement.

Sitecore Federated Experience Manager

What is it?

Sitecore’s Federated Experience Manager is essential to big companies with numerous brand websites not housed in Sitecore. Whether your other sites are built on Sitecore or not. The Federated Experience Manager brings together all of your content, media, customer data and analytics.

For example:

If your company goes through a merger and takes on new brands, you’ll want to control them from a single platform. From a stakeholder’s point of view, this saves time and money. But you may not have the time (or money) to get these new sites implemented in Sitecore right away.

With the Federated Experience Manager you can manage content, track user interactions, analyse and store data across Sitecore and non-Sitecore sites. This means you can personalise content and engage in marketing automation, just as you would on your Sitecore website.

Benefits to marketers

  • Personalise improve customer experiences consistently
  • Pull analytic data across all your brand sites for more detail
  • Keep a single customer view
  • Reduce labour costs for marketing team

The Federated Experience Manager is especially beneficial for companies moving to Sitecore. If you’re a big company, the move could take a while. But as soon as one Sitecore site is up and running, you can make sure all the others are reaping the same benefits.

Improve your digital strategy with Sitecore digital marketing features

Our team of digital marketing gurus are also seasoned Sitecore experts. We keep an eye on the latest and greatest Sitecore digital marketing features and their benefits. This is the kind of know-how we pass on to our customers. So you see significant ROI from your investment in Sitecore. With Sitecore we can help you create a digital strategy that does just that.

We’re one of the UK’s leading digital agencies and a Sitecore Platinum Partner. If you want to know more about our approach to Sitecore, get a free Sitecore demo or find out about Sitecore pricing, drop us a line. Or get in touch with us for more information on developing a digital strategy for your business.