10 Tips for using Sitecores MVT Tools without compromising SEO

10th April 2014

10 easy tips for getting the best from Sitecore's testing tools

How to get the best from Sitecore testing tools

Sitecore’s latest offering, Sitecore Experience Platform Version (SXP) v8.0, is fantastic for Marketers. Since its unveiling at the Barcelona Symposium, I’ve been convinced it brings a level of testing that I couldn’t have contemplated just a few short years ago.

It shows Sitecore for what it is – the best overall digital platform on the market. Content editors now have powerful tools to transform performance via truly innovative (yet simple to use) A/B and Multi-variant Testing (MVT) capabilities that work in harmony with Sitecore’s new machine learning.

In this Whitepaper, I explore a related theme – the relationship between Search Engine Rankings and Sitecore’s Multi Variant Testing and Personalisation. Get this right and you can reach new levels of conversion and customer experience. Get it wrong and you could damage your business with lost rankings and incorrect conclusions.