2013 Alpine Retreat for Kagool team

21st February 2013

Building on a great culture to improve performance

For the second time in three years, Chris Short, Managing Director at Kagool organised a retreat to the Alps for all members of staff at Kagool. It inevitably turned out to be a trip of a lifetime

Our organisational structure is flat with empowered and highly motivated, customer facing staff that need to appreciate the facets of service delivery and understand what matters to our customers. At a crucial point in the development of Kagool it seemed timely to run a team building event, so it was decided to once again stage this five day trip to the French Alps. The location provided a great backdrop to some real work and was also a fantastic opportunity to socialise, gel and get to know each other better. Especially as there have been some new additions to the team in recent months.

We revisited our Leadership Standards, discussed and crystallised our company Vision and Strategy. Most importantly we ensured everyone understood what behaviours really matter in delivering a fantastic service for our customers. As it happened we also had the opportunity to ski some of the best slopes the Alps had to offer in near perfect conditions. The rise of mobile ‘ski tracker’ apps did present a problem, as it was all too easy to compare performance resulting in some members of the team over-reaching themselves.

Leadership qualities and team strength are strong differentiators at Kagool, something that’s found right at the core of our business.

Chris commented that  “A winter retreat isn’t an annual event, but it plays a key part in our team development. How staff behave has always been a critical success factor at Kagool and this trip has proved to be an exemplary way to engender a great working culture as well as rewarding and motivating staff. It’s the second time we’ve done this and after the first retreat in 2011 there was a clear increase in productivity, quality, morale, and above all a real appreciation of what matters to our customers. The latter is a quality that is very hard to engender in developers but we seem to have managed this with the entire team. We all had a great time with some skiing as well as the important business and team development activities. We chose to go to the French Alps as it’s convenient and affordable with  budget airlines, especially when compared with equivalent team building in the UK. Everyone had the opportunity to get to know each other. Our team has returned stronger than ever.”

For a small taster of our experience in the Alps, we have put together a selection of photos on our Facebook page. Be sure to check them out and if you like what you see then remember to like us back.

Our 4 days in the Alps was spent in Les Arcs. We were very well looked after by Savoie Holidays at Chalet Richermoz. With a qualified chef on board, supported by lovely staff, every day started on the right note and ended with a fantastic traditional Savoie meal (with a little  local wine). All of our equipment was supplied by Rental Republic who were instrumental in ensuring we were prepared and safe.