Kagool's values and our proposition

19th March 2015

Chris Short our Chairman and Founder sets out our culture

Kagool’s Chris Short our Chairmain explores the culture of Kagool and what we look for when recruiting

At Kagool, we get a real kick out of taking on difficult challenges and finding smart, simple answers.  We know tech, but we talk human. We like what we do and we think it shows.

So we asked Chris Short our Chairman and Founder to describe our beliefs, values and our commitment to Sitecore excellence. In addition, Chris explains what we look for when recruiting the best talent to join our growing team.


Hi, I’m Chris Short, managing director and founder of Kagool.  I started the company in 1999.  My role in the business now is chief exec, although my traditional role in the business has been technical director.

The heritage of the business is it’s a technical agency.  Over the years we’ve transitioned into being much more of a traditional digital agency in terms of our offer.  However, our technical heritage shines through and has become more and more relevant, particularly in the context of complex Sitecore projects.

Three words to sum up Kagool: ambitious, transparent and highly innovative.  To expand on transparency, my view on business is that we have to be very straight with our customers, very straight with our staff and very straight with each other.  Honesty in our transactions and how we deal with projects and issues in projects have to be raised out into the open and communicated to the right people at the right time.  I think this is key to how we actually conduct ourselves and the culture in the business.

What I would say to customers who are thinking about working with us is to search into everything that we do.  We’re very open.  We’d encourage them to do due diligence on us and be very thorough, as we’d expect them to be on our competitors.

Where I see Kagool going in the next few years is pretty much carrying on with the same sort of work we do now, possibly adding on some additional managed services around digital strategy, analytics and ongoing management of sites.  The way we’re going is probably working with some more large companies.  We seem to excel with the larger Sitecore partner, particularly those that have a lot of content governance and cross border and multilingual challenges.

One of the most important things about Kagool is the culture.  Culture is pretty much embodied in the people, in the team.  To us, culture is how about we go about doing things, how we behave and particularly how we behave when people aren’t looking over one’s shoulder.

Our approach to recruitment is key to this.  Many people recruit based on skills matching up with a role.  You know, they match up a CV.  We don’t.

We tend to look for real attitude and aptitude that’s right for the business, right for the culture.  One of the keys in this for me is trying to find people who are innovative, and particularly with a childlike curiosity.  We find that those people are enthusiastic and willing to share, not just with their colleagues but also with customers.

For anyone that’s thinking of joining Kagool, I would say come and see us, spend time with staff, don’t jump into it.  You know, it’s a different breed of agency.  We’re very, very keen on bringing people on and respecting their work/life balance.  In terms of work, we can provide them with very challenging work and we can provide them with a good, fun environment to work in.  Having said that, we also take what we do extremely seriously and we’re fiercely protective of our reputation.