Artex Migrating from Alterian to Sitecore

8th November 2012

Website Migration from Alterian to Sitecore

Sitecore is the leading .Net CMS platform and the undisputed winner in the CMS field as voted by independent analysts. The four sites to be migrated include The Artex Corporate site, Profilex product site, Gyproc Tool Hire and Easifix product site. The Artex and Profilex websites are being migrated from the Alterian CMC (Immediacy) platform. The Gyproc Tool Hire and Easifix websites are in custom CMS solutions. Fusionworkshop has extensive experience with both Alterian CMC and the Sitecore platform and have developed robust, proven methods for site migrations of this nature. The websites will use existing designs and layouts where possible, but Fusionworkshop has the ability to amend and deliver best practice where applicable.

Once the migration is complete the four sites will sit within a single Sitecore instance that also includes British Gypsum, Isover UK and the Saint Gobain Technical Academy. David Robinson, Online Marketing Manager at Saint-Gobain commented, “Artex were using 3 CMS solutions with 3 suppliers and 3 hosting contracts. Working with Fusionworkshop to utilise the Saint-Gobain Sitecore license was the most sensible business decision. We are consolidating costs and service to a single supplier and get access to the industry leading web CMS. For now the project is a straight migration but in future phases we intend to utilise the full marketing power of Sitecore to further engage with the Artex customer base.”

The unique aspect of the Sitecore implementation for Saint-Gobain is the removal of products from the individual sites. Using the object based data structure of Sitecore, the products and their related data can be shared. This will allow improved product management with single data entry, user governance in place and flexibility in the delivery of products across each site which can be driven by Sitecore’s Digital Marketing System (DMS). Shared classification of products allows for strong relationships to enhance cross-selling and upselling as users navigate across Saint-Gobain’s websites.

Fusionworkshop provide hosting with full support and maintenance services for the Saint-Gobain group websites running on the Sitecore platform. Successful completion of the migrations will see these four Artex websites added to the service.

Artex has been making high-quality interior finishing products for the last 70 years and proud to be part of the world-leading Saint-Gobain Gypsum group. Saint-Gobain is a world leader in the habitat and construction market, designing, manufacturing and distributing building materials, providing innovative solutions to meet growing demand in emerging economies, for energy efficiency and for environmental protection.