Automotive digital marketing

Automotive digital marketing
1st November 2019

How digitally mature is UK automotive digital marketing?

Digital transformation is revolutionising the automotive industry and putting pressure on organisations to evolve with technology and consumer expectations. Automotive organisations must deliver seamless customer experiences across all touch points to accelerate ahead of competition. We carried out in-depth testing and analysis around core aspects of digital effectiveness in the automotive sector. The report focuses on The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) ‘Best Selling Car Brands in the UK 2018’ and AM Online ‘Largest Automotive Retail Groups 2018’.

Our 2019 Automotive Digital Census reports uncovers the digital maturity of automotive companies. The report highlights strengths and weaknesses of the sector’s digital marketing. We’ve discovered opportunities that automotive brands and dealerships are missing out on. It’s time for the automotive sector to re-asses it’s digital transformation strategy.

Automotive Digital Census Brands

Analysing automotive digital marketing effectiveness

Our researchers analysed the digital effectiveness and maturity of the UK’s top automotive brands and dealerships. Automotive digital marketing performance was evaluated on factors such as: email marketing, search marketing, video marketing and social media. Brands and dealerships were given scores for their performance in 10 different categories. This was then combined to determine their rank in the Digital Maturity League Table.

Automotive Digital Census Dealership

Both reports include:

  • The Digital Maturity League Table
  • A detailed analysis of the core aspects needed for successful automotive digital marketing
  • Insights and statistics that highlight digital transformation
  • Recommendations for implementing best practice

Who are the UK’s leaders in automotive digital marketing?

Discover which automotive companies are digital mature, and which aspects of digital the industry is struggling to perform well in.

Download the 2019 Automotive Digital Census reports to unlock unique insights to automotive digital marketing and how to overtake the competition in an exciting market.