Automotive SEO

Automotive SEO
6th June 2018

Automotive SEO isn’t rocket science. Follow these five simple steps to quickly accelerate your dealership into pole position

Search Engine Optimisation. There’s a term that sounds like the automotive industry should be able get to grips with this pretty easily. As ‘93% of online experiences start with a search engine’ SEO is crucial to drive visitors from Google to your website instead of competitors’.

The good news is, SEO in the automotive sector isn’t rocket science. Just following these five simple steps can get you in that pole position, right to the top of the search rankings.

1) Research what your customers are searching for

Before you start thinking about optimising your website, it’s essential to work out what phrases you want to be found for. Customers conduct many searches before deciding upon a marque, a model and a place to buy it.

It’s crucial to find out the search terms used by customers in this journey, so that your website structure and content are optimised to appear in Google results at all stages of this journey.

2) Always remember – you’re a local shop for local people

It may be the worldwide web, but the majority of your customers are going to come from closer to home. Google recognises this and inserts local results for just about every phrase, including broad generic searches like ‘cars’.

This means you need to concentrate on getting your local SEO spot-on to rank highly in the map pack or local carousel. And that’s critically important as these often appear above organic listings – especially on mobile searches.

So the tip is, if your dealership has multiple sites, make sure your website contains a page for each and every location. If you also link these to your individual Google+ pages, you’ll boost your ranking in local searches too. Ensure addresses and telephone numbers are consistent across different websites, and your information is formatted to send valuable local signals to Google

3) K.I.S.S. Keep it Simple Stupid

Sometimes the very best tips are those that are easiest to put into action.

So, ignore the urge to be creative and oh-so-inventive and write simple, accurate page titles which are crystal-clear and SEO-friendly. They should match the terms you want to rank for in Google.

This will show your potential customers – and Google – that your content is exactly what they’re searching for. Make sure you use the same SEO keyword from your page title in your main header too. You’ll get higher rankings, more traffic and better engagement as a result.

4) Make life easier for Google

This can feel a bit like you’re doing the job of a $110 billion company for them. But it can make life a whole lot easier too. So, ‘yes’ – make sure your content is reader-friendly. But make it crawler-friendly too.

Ensure your website contains all of the technical features required to make it easy for Google. This includes using XML sitemaps, navigation, filters and text to make it easy for the Google crawler.

5) And finally, don’t be shy – ask your current customers for a review

If you are providing a great service, get your satisfied customers on-board as part of your online sales team.

Post their positive feedback on your website, Google My Business page and every review site you can think of – then watch your search rankings soar. This will help your listings stand out from competitors and show that you’re a trust worthy business that provides a great customer experience.

Take your first simple step towards improving your dealership’s SEO

There are experts in automotive SEO who deal with its complexities Monday to Friday, 9 to 5. You really don’t need to dig into the mechanics of it that deeply. A more productive use of your time would be to arrange a demonstration of the real world, practical applications of the Kagool team, to see how Sitecore could take your SEO performance to the next level.

To arrange a demo, read some of our automotive case studies or to ask about an SEO Audit of your current website, just fill your contact details below.