Building customer loyalty in a digital era

Building customer loyalty in a digital era
10th January 2019

Learn how organisations build customer loyalty with Sitecore

Building customer loyalty with personalisation

Data collected through digital channels can be leveraged to improve customer experience and in turn loyalty. A customer survey identified 79% of customers were very satisfied with loyalty programs with high personalisation and that personalisation made them feel recognised and special.

Sitecore features like personalisation and machine learning (Sitecore Cortex) help organisations gain a competitive advantage. Marketers can engage customers or prospects by utilising their user behaviour and other preferences to generate relevant and timely content. Creating a personalised user experience is like a loyalty programme itself. When customers have alternative options at their fingertips, its key that organisations are building better digital relationships with their users than their competitors.

Omnichannel customer experience

Customers often engage with organisations across multiple touchpoints and channels, whether it’s a website, app, social media, email or in store. Customers are digitally savvy, and expectations are changing. In retail 62% of customers surveyed said they check online reviews of a brand before visiting the store. Buying behaviour isn’t offline or online, it’s both and businesses need to create a customer experience that’s seamless to build and retain customer loyalty.

For omnichannel marketing to really work, marketers need to have the following aligned:

  • Channels: from customer service staff to social media
  • Content: Everything from video blog posts to direct mail
  • Automation tool that keep customer engaged without clogging up their inbox
  • Data analytics
  • Business processes and tools

The best way to manage and deliver an omnichannel customer experience is with a platform that can support integrated marketing and has all your necessary tools in one place. An experience software like Sitecore has the power to do this seamlessly across multiple channels and websites.

Build trust with transparency and security

A recent consumer poll uncovered that 75% of people will not purchase from an organisation if they don’t trust the company with their data. The recent GDPR law changes brought security to the forefront of discussion and now there is a heightened pressure on businesses to make sure they’re transparent about why they require customer information, how they’re protecting it and what their intentions.

For marketers, this customer information is essential for segmentation and creating a personalised user experience that will deliver conversions. Customers still have anxiety around trusting organisations with their information. The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) found that 57% of consumers don’t trust businesses to use their data responsibly, so it’s up to organisations to provide reassurance that will build trust and loyalty.

We’ve helped our clients across different sectors with bespoke data security solutions that put the customer in control and demonstrate GDPR compliance.

There’s a few ways that businesses can make their online security water tight. Limiting user permissions, so that you know exactly who on your team has access to what on your website is just one way that Sitecore promotes security best practice. Our Sitecore security overview shares more details about how to minimise potential risks and maintenance tips.

Remember you and your customers are humans

Building an emotional connection with customers is the biggest driver for building customer loyalty and getting results. Its reported that a customer that has an emotional connection with a retailer will spend 46% more than those without and are 32% more likely to visit a store. Creating an emotional connection with customers doesn’t just build loyalty it can generate new business. 80% of customers with an emotional bond with a brand will promote it to their family and friends.

Using the analysis and automation features that are available with Sitecore, marketers can show their customers that they value them with exclusive promotions. Using personalisation, contextual and behavioural data, Sitecore users can also build loyalty by making each customer feel special. Anticipating their needs and creating a sophisticated customer experience all aids developing deeper relationships that turn into profit and advocacy.

How is your organisation using digital to build customer loyalty?

The best loyalty programmes stem from reliable in-depth customer data. A digital solution that can accurately and securely capture and deliver meaningful customer experiences is vital to success. Kagool offer the best Sitecore services available and the most experienced and qualified team of specialists to deliver them. Contact us to chat about how you can get the most from Sitecore or to book a Sitecore demo.