Car dealership marketing strategies: Digital tips to drive website traffic

Car dealership marketing strategies: Digital tips to drive website traffic
28th June 2018

Navigating the digital landscape can be difficult for many organisations. Use these 5 tips to help increase your website traffic.

It’s time for car dealership marketing strategies to start switching up a gear to deliver a better online customer journey that drives revenue. But what if the problem is getting the traffic to your website in the first place?

There are a lot of tools that help fuel winning car dealership marketing strategies, such as search engine optimisation (SEO), social media or user experience (UX). Here’s a few of our top digital tips to get you started.

1. Always check your levels before you set off

Before heading off on the marketing road ahead, the first things to consider are all the questions surrounding what your business does. Thinking about why the organisation exists? What is its value to the customer?

These answers will help lay out the framework behind the marketing strategy. This also will help to build authentic and relevant content for your audience to engage with. A good starting point if you’re looking for customers to visit your website.

2. Decide on your destination

A common flaw in car dealership marketing strategies is not having clear goals. Making sure that you know exactly what success looks like to your organisation is key. For example, do you want to:

  • Increase online visibility through content creation
  • Gain x amount of social media followers
  • Increase targeted traffic by x%

If you’re not sure on how to get started, get in touch and let us help.

3. The right audience en route

Driving high volumes of traffic is futile if it’s a group of people that have taken a wrong turn onto your website through poor signage. To ensure that your traffic isn’t doing a collective U-turn and bouncing back into the abyss it’s important to build some accurate buying personas.

Carry out some research on your current customers and ideal customers to get a better idea of their demographics, interests and behaviours. This information will then help your organisation to tailor content that’ll have a higher success rate of generating relevant traffic.

4. The worst kept secret in marketing

Car dealership marketing strategies that don’t include a content plan may as well turn off their engines and watch as competitors that have carefully considered their digital marketing overtake them.

You would have heard the term ‘content is king’, well please excuse the cliché – it is. Well is mostly is, having the right content (whether topical, blogs, video, email) for the desired audience is never going to be a bad thing. But next to every king is the queen, and in terms of content that is context. How your content is delivered, which platforms, at what time etc all aid engagement and driving potential customers to your website(s).

5. Pit stop pros

Just as Jenson Button relies on his team of automotive specialists to make sure his car performs to its best ability, websites also require their own professionals. SEO teams are there to optimise websites using a variety of techniques and tests to get your site noticed. The best car dealership marketing strategies adopt best SEO practices to ensure they have high visibility to drive valuable traffic to their websites.

Would your dealership pass a Digital MOT?

At Kagool we carry out a ‘Digital MOT’ on automotive websites using the best tools and minds in the industry. As Google Partners and Sitecore Platinum Partners, we’re confident that we can show you how you compete in your market and highlight areas for improvement.

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How to overtake the competition

Dealerships need to know their customers, anticipate their next steps and connect their interactions with their brand and take advantage of the shift in the market. Make sure your digital strategy keeps your organisation in pole position.