Cardano – our first Sitecore rollout as Kagool

20th April 2015

Brand new website for our customer Cardano.

We’re very proud to launch a brand new website using the Sitecore Experience Platform for our customer Cardano. This is significant for us, because it’s the first new Sitecore build to be launched under the Kagool brand.

Cardano are regarded as a leader in assisting Financial Institutions (such as Pension Funds and Insurance Companies) at adopting a robust risk management approach. Founded in the Netherlands in 2000, Cardano now has over 130 staff across risk management, investment management, research, actuarial and investment advisory.

Cardano’s existing platform was outdated. They needed a strong platform on which to build and further develop their digital roadmap.  This is where Sitecore and Kagool comes in. The aim was to re-platform and re-design Cardano’s web presence onto the Sitecore platform, complete with a fantastic visual design, strong mobile and tablet experience, multi-language, goal tracking and a variety of new features.

Working closely in partnership with Radley Yeldar,  Kagool built and implemented the Cardano website based on our Foundations platform, allowing an accelerated start to development and content entry. We used our well proven ‘mobile first’ approach to further enhance the mobile experience of the site and ensure consistency across desktop, tablet and mobile.

We’re pleased that we have a real interactive experience across devices. We utilised some extended JS libraries, such as Isotope to deliver articles in a manner that the user can find logical and appealing. Most of all, Cardano now has a strong platform to enable the next stage of their digital strategy.

For me, this was a re-platform and re-design with Sitecore at its heart. This project was rewarding as the end result is that we’ve built a site which Cardano are proud of. More importantly it’s a website and platform on which they can grow and enhance their digital strategy.

Note:  Key team members of the Kagool project team were: Justin Rowe as the Design Consultant, Michael Robbins (Sitecore MVP) as Technical Architect, James Richards and Thomas Evans as Front End developers, with myself providing the project management. I also wish to thank the great teams at Cardano and Radley Yeldar.