Corporate website design

Corporate website design
8th April 2018

How to attract audiences and create a better user experience

Your website visitors are judgemental and impatient. Your corporate website design has milliseconds to create a positive impression of your organisation before potential clients and job seekers click the back button and head back to Google results.

If you want your visitors to experience all the wonderful services or products you have to offer and find out why your organisation stand out from the crowd then it’s crucial to give your website design careful consideration.

Why effective corporate website design is crucial

Is a visit to your website like boarding a time machine back to 1998? If your design doesn’t reflect your organisation this raises issues about credibility. 94% of negative website feedback is design related, making it imperative for organisations that are looking to engage their customers and gain their business to ensure they have effective design.

One way to combat an outdated website is by modernising typefaces, adding video content and using con visual assets.  Another important facet is aspect ratios for modern devices. Your website is your ‘shop window’ and making sure it’s a great experience for your target audience should be a priority.

Design with content marketing in mind

A great design should highlight your content and make it easy for users to respond your messaging. Your website should be the destination for content published across social channels, via email campaigns, through online ads and other content marketing channels. The website should do justice to this content marketing effort and convert tentative users in to enquirers and customers.

Marketers like to get the most out of their content marketing. If corporate website design takes content into account in the early conceptual stages, it can help to successfully steer conversion paths, increase user engagement and manage brand perception.

Using an enterprise content management systems (CMS) like Sitecore, can also add value to organisations that are keen to create great customer experiences and increase conversions. Using advanced content tools like Sitecore analyticsSitecore personalisation and email experience manager (EXM) empowers marketers to capture insights on audiences across multiple channels and use them to attract high volumes of quality website traffic. The corporate website design compliments this by keeping these visitors engaged and ideally leads to a design action, whether that’s a download, call or email enquiry.

Mobile first

98% of all mobile owners search for information using their phone. If corporations want to be visible online to their audience, then they need to adopt a mobile first approach. When a website isn’t indexed for mobile on Google, businesses miss the opportunity to get their brand in front of their audience. In a rapidly changing digital landscape, businesses can’t afford to ignore mobile. If your website isn’t optimised for mobile – your competitors will be.

Brand consistency is crucial

Approaching the styling of a corporate website shouldn’t be creating separate online branding. Your online and offline channels should be designed to create one seamless experience for customers and stakeholders. Your design should be consistent with your offline marketing, all typefaces, tone of voice and colour palette should be reflected so your customers’ experience remains on-brand and authentic at each touchpoint.

Development considerations in corporate website design

As well as considering content, mobile and user devices, exceptional corporate website design should consist of:

Component/object-based layouts – Specified layouts and page types which are object-based make it easier to reuse content across all your digital touchpoints. Defining User Interface (UI) design patterns helps prevent common design issues from recurring. We call these UI patterns.

Non-functional/non-behavioural requirements – While not the most exciting design aspects, these requirements need careful thought. They include security, usability, accessibility, content governance and scalability.

How we approach corporate website design

Our approach means shorter design durations that don’t hinder performance. Clients benefit from reduced build costs and can start generating leads from your website faster.

We take a modular approach for successful project delivery. As far as we’re concerned, user experience design and visual design can’t be separated. We use both to create wireframes for your corporate website design.

Wireframes help us to map out your entire build. With a purposeful design, we can streamline the build process. Contact us if you’d like to discuss your corporate website design requirements.