What is a customer experience platform?

28th September 2016

How to use a customer experience platform for contextual marketing

customer experience platform is a platform for managing the customer engagement functions of your website. They combine traditional content management system (CMS) functionality with customer experience management (CXM) capabilities. Giving marketers analytics, content personalisation, marketing automation, data storage and A/B testing.

Customers expect to be able to engage with brands across multiple channels. Which include email, social media, phone or website visits. Plus, they expect these engagements to be seamless. A powerful customer experience platform will include various tools and functions needed to meet your customers’ expectations and reach key business goals.

Creating a great customer experience has many benefits:

  • Increased engagement
  • Improved conversion rates
  • Greater customer loyalty
  • Improved brand perception

Why big brands need a great customer experience platform

With the right customer experience platform, you can build great customer experiences quicker and easier. Using a single platform across your business improves communication between departments and helps keep the brand consistent across your digital channels. With every department working towards the same goals, you can only reach them faster. Talk about music to your stakeholders’ ears!

survey by Econsultancy and Adobe found that 38% of businesses consider a cross-team approach to customer experience was most important to success. And 47% considered a cohesive digital strategy built around the customer experience was most important. These are almost impossible to achieve using disconnected systems and without a company-wide customer experience focus.

A connected customer experience platform lets you create, manage and measure every digital engagement between your brand and your customers. Your campaigns and the data they collect are synchronised across every channel. The rich individual customer data collected is vital. Its gives you a single view of each individual customer. And opens the gateway to powerful real time personalisation.

With that kind of personalisation at your fingertips, you can deliver unique customer experiences. Plus, you can better automate some of your marketing campaigns. Marketing automation is key to really unlocking the potential of your customer experience platform. It takes a little weight off marketers’ shoulders and lets you spend your valuable time reaching business goals.

And voila! Bringing these tools together in a single platform can put contextual marketing within your reach.

What is contextual marketing?

Contextual marketing is targeted marketing that’s personalised and automated based on the user’s… well, context. It’s about delivering the right message to the right person at the right time.

So how can you achieve great contextual marketing with your customer experience platform?

A platform with “contextual intelligence” lets you engage with your customers in context to their past behaviours and their current needs. Everything from their region and device to the timing, is taken into account. In fact, considering timing may be one of the biggest advantages of a customer experience platform.

By tracking where your users are on the purchase path, you can market to them in a context that’s more relevant to their needs. So your website isn’t offering them a product summary when they’ve already picked out a colour and added it to their basket.

How Kagool get more from your customer experience platform

Our approach to enterprise website design looks at how your customer experience platform can work best for you. A recent survey by TFM Insights found that 44% of businesses struggled to achieve a single view of their customer data. At Kagool, we look at who your customers are and what they get up to on your site. We help you get a single view of your customer data to deliver more influential contextual marketing.

Our UX design team specialise in making every part of your digital presence consistent, but also flexible. We can help make every piece of your website easy to personalise for better contextual marketing.

We’ve also got a host of digital strategists who can help you jazz up your customer experience with Sitecore SEOemail marketing, social media and content marketing. We’ll help you get the most out of the marketing tools within your customer experience platform.

How we use the Sitecore customer experience platform

We work exclusively on Sitecore projects and we’re the largest UK agency to do so. Sitecore’s a powerful customer experience platform designed to deliver a multi-channel digital strategy. The platform is highly rated by Gartner. Plus it’s flexible enough to integrate with any third party systems you may already use.

We’re one of the UK’s leading Sitecore partners with Platinum Implementation Partner status. If you want to know more about how we use the Sitecore customer experience platform to power successful websites, let us give you a free Sitecore demo.

If you’re an existing Sitecore user, talk to us about a Sitecore audit and find out how you can get more from Sitecore.