Customer Experience Strategy

31st January 2018

How Sitecore enables you to deliver a winning CX strategy

Delivering a winning customer experience strategy isn’t easy. The ‘age of the customer’ has complicated how brands connect with their audiences. Most brands operate across multiple channels, both online and offline.

And customers expect their engagement with brands to be seamless and contextual. Get it right and the rewards include increased sales from new visitors, less customer churn and reduced service costs.

To achieve this, you need the right technology. Using Sitecore’s integrated, connected and fluid commerce, content and cloud technologies, you can deliver a winning customer experience strategy that’s consistent across all touch points.

‘Globally, 55% of marketers consider managing the complexity of the digital landscape as the primary obstacle to delivering a consistent customer experience across physical and digital touchpoints.’ [Source: The CMO Council, August 2017]

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Deliver a consistent, personalised customer experience across all touch points…

When it comes to customer experience, consistency is key.

It’s simple: great customer experience only works if it is carried out across all points of interaction. If your customer receives a warm welcome email, a personalised letter through the post, but then they visit your website and something doesn’t add up, it creates a noticeable and abrupt gap in your brand experience. This is confusing, damages brand perception and you risk customers going elsewhere.

Go beyond simply making your website look nice. Use Sitecore’s rich personalisation capability to create custom experiences based on previous engagements.

‘71% of consumers in the UK, the US and Australia say they would feel more valued as a customer if they were offered individualised content and real-time, relevant offers.’ [Source: Cloud IQ/Insight Avenue, October 2017]

If you want some more guidance on how to do this take a look at our Sitecore personalisation article.

…while at the same time recognising different types of customers’ needs

While it’s important to deliver a consistent message across all your brand’s interaction points, it also pays to recognise when to differentiate.

For example, you can use Sitecore for serving location specific content to customers and tailor it to be relevant for:

  • The country they’re browsing from. Using Sitecore’s duplication function, you can easily replicate content, changing details to be relevant for that country’s local market. Then, through location-detection, serve up the relevant pages.
  • Directing users to their nearest brick-and-mortar store. Better still, check if the item they’re looking at is in stock and let them reserve it.
  • The time of the day, to hit delivery deadlines.

This creates a fantastic, seamless customer experience and makes it simple for people to buy from you.

‘Globally, 81% of consumers are willing to pay more for a better experience.’ [Source: Capgemini, June 2017]

Create an immersive experience – outside of Sitecore

One great Sitecore feature is it’s headless CMS capability. You can use Sitecore to create and present content on more than just your website, such as apps or any device connected to the ‘internet of things’.

What’s more any data collected will be fed back to Sitecore, giving you an even better understanding of each customer. This helps feed more powerful personalisation.

A winning customer experience strategy means consistent, joined-up, contextual messaging. Delivering this across devices helps build loyalty and greater advocacy for your brand.

‘Globally, 52% of IT decision-makers expect their customer satisfaction to increase through use of omnichannel experiences.’ [Source: Mitel/Opinium Research, December 2017]

Monitor results to constantly improve your customer experience

A winning customer experience strategy should never be broken. Consistently being ‘on’ and available as a brand is priceless when it comes to building trust.

According to Thinkjar research – ‘67% of customers site bad experience as the reason for churn.’ But ‘only 1 in 26 customers actually complain. The rest just leave’.

Use Sitecore’s analytics tools to monitor customer patterns and build your strategy around that. This way you’ll constantly be tweaking content for your audience’s needs, staying relevant and switched on.

On-going optimisation, is a sure-fire way to drive increased ROI on your digital investment and should be a core part of your digital experience strategy.

Use Sitecore’s Marketing Control Panel to repeat personalised experiences again and again

This allows you to drag and drop marketing actions together in the Marketing Control Panel, creating a set of actions that trigger other actions.

You can use the data gathered from personalisation and machine learning to form the basis of your next marketing campaign as part of a wider Marketing Automation strategy.

‘Globally, 52% of consumers say they are likely to switch brands if a company does not make an effort to personalise communication to them.’ [Source: Salesforce, June 2017]

We can help you create the ultimate customer experience strategy

These features merely scratch the surface of what’s possible with Sitecore. We can help you use Sitecore to make your brands customer experience strategy stand out from the competition. Just look at what we’ve done for our customers in our case studies.

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