Digital audit | 7 digital marketing audit essentials

Digital audit | 7 digital marketing audit essentials
19th February 2019

Our digital audit can improve ROI from digital marketing.

A digital audit will evaluate the effectiveness of your organisation’s digital marketing activity. We’ve worked with hundreds of enterprise businesses to provide a digital marketing audit that highlights opportunities for organisations to achieve more from their website, digital marketing, social media channels, email marketing and every strand of their digital activity.

An effective digital audit should not be too technical. Market research, customer analysis, competitor comparisons, content strategy, branding, user experience and execution all play a vital role when auditing an organisation’s digital presence. The resulting strategic analysis, straight-talking advice, practical digital strategy is priceless to any organisation.

So what should an effective digital audit consist of? There are 7 digital audit essentials for getting the most out of your website.

Is your website built for success?

The first, and most important element to your website is simply this: it should be built in line with best practise. This means anything from the website’s code being written and formatted correctly, to whether previous fixes and upgrades have been carried out correctly. And whether or not developers are fluid and consistent in their approaches. Many websites can be somewhat untidy beneath the surface, and years of ‘patched’ jobs on top of other odd jobs and upgrades can become unruly and problematic; something you’ll want investigated as a priority in any digital audit.

Keeping your website up to date

Once the inner workings of your website have been identified as either satisfactory or unfit for purpose, the next matter at hand is to find out whether you’re running the latest version of or not.

As a Sitecore agency, this means we’re often asked by customers why they should upgrade to the latest version of Sitecore. Unlike the sometimes trivial and subjective upgrades to the latest smartphone, Sitecore’s most recent features are results-focussed and are being utilised by leading businesses today. These features include: Sitecore Experience Accelerator (SXA) for unified and efficient development cycles, headless CMS for flexible multi-platform publishing and Sitecore Cortex machine learning for an ultra-personalised customer experience.

Is your digital experience futureproof and scalable?

Being up-to-date is great, it means you’re ready for today. But what about tomorrow? The world is fast paced and ever-changing, and what’s good today, may be out of date tomorrow.

The devices used to access your website, UX trends and Google guidelines don’t stand still. It is essential to evaluate your website with future innovation in mind if you want to attract, delight and convert audiences in years to come. The solution? Make sure you’re utilising future-proof cloud features such as Cloud Hosting. In the case of Sitecore we recommend Sitecore Azure for auto-scaling when you need extra resources.

Audit integrated technologies

As a consequence of digital transformation, organisations will inevitably integrate their website with a suite of third-party tools and systems to share information, improve service and refine processes. This can include EPOS systems, CRM systems and applications such as Microsoft SharePoint.

At audit stage, it’s worth considering which third-party applications you’ll need to use with your website going forward. A good digital partner will be able to listen to your business requirements and translate that into a practical, technical strategy. Get integrated from the very start with everything you require, whether it’s forum platforms or marketing tools.

Audit upstream and downstream of your website

Any modern enterprise understands the highly-competitive landscape we exist in today. Taking hold of this environment with advanced digital marketing techniques such as paid search, organic SEO and email marketing is crucial to success.

Any comprehensive digital audit will include a deep dive into PPC, SEO, email marketing and other marketing activity. This includes research, in to your marketplace, analytics, competitor activity and emerging trends. The result will be a long list of actionable insights that covers technical, content, creative elements to be implemented across your website, social channels and websites that link to your own properties.

An effective digital marketing audit should take in to account the destinations visitors go to after leaving your website. Review sites, social media channels, forums and other websites are likely to be on your audiences’ list of places to visit. These are all important considerations for any digital marketer.

With Sitecore, one key dependent of that success is being able to successfully monitor, tweak and improve campaigns on the fly. In order for this to work effectively using Sitecore, third-party marketing applications need to be communicating with Sitecore correctly.

Get in touch about Sitecore digital marketing.

Audit your approach to support and disaster recovery

Sometimes things don’t go according to plan. A great digital audit should include an analysis of ‘what if’s?’ so that every practical eventuality is catered for. By auditing contingency plans for foreseeable risks you can ensure that your organisation is prepared to deliver a great experience to users regardless of the issue.

At Kagool we take this seriously. Our dedicated support team is just that: dedicated. We provide 24/7 support that goes far beyond simple email communication.

Are you working with suitable partners?

A final element to consider in your digital audit is partner selection. By analysing the contribution of agencies and other partners you can reaffirm relationships or seek out new agencies that better fit the ambition and requirements of your organisation.

At Kagool we’re the ideal partner for any organisation interested in Sitecore. We have more Sitecore Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs) than any other digital agency in the UK. Through our dedicated, hard work and technical expertise, we’ve consistently delivered on a wide variety of projects. Across many different industries and sectors, we’ve done what we do best: deliver Sitecore to the highest possible standard.

Make sure that your digital audit is with a trusted partner who has the experience and capabilities to successfully deliver your project the way you want it.

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