Digital customer experience

24th June 2017

How to offer a great digital customer experience

While “customer experience” describes the value of a customer’s interactions with your entire brand, “digital customer experience” is specifically focused on interactions that take place across digital touchpoints.

So, why does it concern marketers? The popularity of mobile browsing means that desktop browsing (to some extent) is going extinct. Tablets and smart phones keep getting smarter. And today’s consumers expect the same quick, intuitive processes from your brand when interacting through those devices.

For example, 10 years ago the concept of mobile banking was revolutionary. Now, the top banks compete to have the quickest, most user-friendly banking apps.

But, customers also won’t expect to have a customer experience online that’s completely separate from what you’re offering offline. So it’s important to adapt in-line with the changing trends in digital and its impact on your audience’s life.

The benefits of offering a great digital customer experience

We’re always talking about the benefits of improving customer experience and undergoing digital transformation such as increased engagement, conversion, improved customer loyalty and brand perception.

Even if you haven’t yet built a digital transformation strategy, you can start delivering better customer experiences across your digital touchpoints.

The specific benefits of improving digital customer experiences include:

  • Cut costs on resources such as call centres, support staff and administration
  • Increased engagement with customers who’ll see your brand to be “always on” and accessible 24×7
  • Real time analytics data can be captured faster, more frequently and with less disruption to the customer, enabling you to make quick decisions
  • Modernising your brand and inspiring a culture of innovation in the company that stakeholders recognise
  • Better collaboration between internal business processes and departments, as systems are integrated and a central digital strategy is established
  • Improved perception by customers and a greater likelihood that they’ll recommend you to their digital network

How Sitecore helps you deliver better digital customer experiences

Whatever digital channels you’re using, it’s important to keep the experience consistent, relevant and engaging. For this, you need a powerful and flexible platform. And we think Sitecore is the right one for the job.

Here’s how the Sitecore Experience Platform (XP) helps you to improve digital customer experiences across your business:

  • Sitecore has a simple, code-free interface that’s completely modular. So, all your blogs, promotional panels and product pages can be built and optimised for mobile browsers within the Page Editor.
  • Sitecore Experience Profiles collect and store information on every customer, giving you a single view of individual site visitors. This includes past and real-time data about their interactions with your brand.
  • Sitecore has built-in personalisation and Marketing automation features that help you deliver more relevant and engaging content, based on device, location or buying habits. Plus, you can automate these interactions using pre-set rules.
  • Sitecore SEO features are also built right into the CMS. For example, SEO rules can be set-up so that every page requires key meta data. This helps make your content searchable and sharable across social media.
  • Sitecore caters for easy integration of your external systems. So, you can bring together your social media, email or customer relations management (CRM) systems. And this data can be pulled into the user’s Experience Profile, helping you deliver a consistent experience across digital channels.
  • Sitecore Analytics helps you collect in-depth customer data, track user journeys and set up rules for personalisation and automation. It pulls together data from interactions across channels to help you optimise your online customer experience offering.

All of these things help keep users engaged, making them more likely to complete tasks. Whether it’s by making content and interactions more accessible and relevant to the customer. Or by making every step of the engagement process quicker and easier, from search to task completion.

How we help you reach business goals

We work with a number of enterprise-level customers who use Sitecore as the centrepiece for their digital customer experience. This includes the Formica Group, Burges Salmon and Saint Gobain, as well as many of its subsidiaries. Our customers span across various sectors and engage with customers on a global scale. So, we have plenty of experience working with a range of businesses on projects big and small.

We’re one of a select few Sitecore Platinum Partners Plus, we’ve won a massive seven Sitecore Experience Awards over the past four years. And we were the only UK partner to win awards for two separate projects at the Sitecore Experience Awards 2016.

If you want to know more about how we use the Sitecore customer experience platform to power successful websites, let us give you a free Sitecore demo. If you’re an existing Sitecore user, talk to us about a Sitecore audit and find out how you can get more from Sitecore.