Digital marketing audit

Digital marketing audit
23rd May 2017

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What is a digital marketing audit?

A digital marketing audit uncovers vital opportunities for improvement and growth for your business’ digital strategy. It’s like getting a service or MOT on your car, a checklist of performance measures that are necessary for the vehicle to operate to the best standard. A digital marketing audit is just like this, only instead of letting a mechanic get under your bonnet, you appoint a trusted digital agency (like Kagool) to investigate what is working well and what requires improvement.

There were 4.48 billion internet users towards the end of 2019. A huge audience that with the right digital strategy and tactics in place, your organisation can capitalise on. But how successful is your digital marketing at engaging relevant users? And how do you stack up against your competitors? Our digital marketing audit highlights quick-wins and long-term opportunities for increasing traffic and quality leads to your website. Unlock the steps to developing a strong online presence that’ll build brand loyalty and drive results.

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Why does your organisation need a digital marketing audit?

Your brand’s website is possibly the most important investment you’ll make. But your audience should be a priority too, and these aspects go hand in hand. All company websites have goals to achieve, regardless of sector or being product or service orientated. Do you know how well you’re performing? Does your online infrastructure create a user experience that’s aligned with your brand identity and values? Does your digital marketing position your online identity effectively? Or are you missing opportunities and losing potential business to your competitors that are digitally savvy?  An audit carried out by specialists will quickly help to identify how to the most from your website.

An experienced team of digital auditors will be able to dig deeper into the technical performance of your website that could have been missed by anyone without technical expertise. Insufficient technical configuration can seriously pollute your Google rankings without having an influence on users. Things like this can go undiscovered until it’s too late, and this is when you begin to see hefty penalties and devastating drops in website performance. Not ideal for any ambitious organisation.

A digital marketing audit is the first step in reconfiguring your digital strategy, these factors can be explored and measured. Here, constructive feedback comes in to play to give back amazing value from your digital investment. Ultimately, this helps your business stay ahead of the competition.

A digital marketing audit with Kagool

Kagool is a team of talented developers, designers and digital marketers that have been helping enterprise level organisation achieve their digital goals for over 20 years. We are specialists in designing, building and optimising websites using the Sitecore platform. Because we’re good at what we do, globally recognised talent come and work for us and the likes of Google, Sitecore and Microsoft choose to partner with us. So, our clients have peace of mind that their digital infrastructure is in safe hands at Kagool.

Our digital marketing audit is carried out by using industry leading tools to give you a close-up of what your new reality could be.

We’ll show how you rank against your major competitors. Better yet, we’ll highlight all technical errors on your website that’ll be in the way of your digital marketing efforts.

The audit will help diagnose strengths and weaknesses to assist you in your digital marketing strategy. Then we can chat about what steps you might want to take to achieve your goals.

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